My Future in Someone Else’s Hands…

19 Nov

College admissions. Gag me.

I thought it was a big arduous task when I applied to undergrad, and life-changing when I applied to a Masters program that I thought would shape the rest of my career. You’d think that would be enough torture for me. Noooope. My middle name shouldn’t be Marie – it should be GluttonForPunishment (which, actually, is not very melodic to the ear…).

But why have I spent the last 2 months attempting to, yet again, craft the perfect admissions package? Because I want to be a doctor. Not the “blood and guts” kind that tells you that you have strep throat or high cholesterol. The kind that teaches college students and does research. No, not in your stereotypical sterile lab. Research about emerging trends in society and how they affect us as people and, more specifically, as members of the workforce. How can individuals come together as a team in an increasingly segmented workforce that is becoming more and more dependent upon the Internet? Do they want to?

Coming from a tech school (yeah RPI!), my life has been saturated by  the never-ending feeling of novelty from computers and the Internet. They make our lives easier. Everyone works in teams. I think the only class I took that didn’t require a team project or at least some level of group interaction was  Psychopharmacology – and that was because it was all about drugs. I couldn’t function the way I do now without the Internet and knowing how to interact with people on a work team, and I just assumed everyone felt that way. Going to a school now that is less technologically and team focused, I feel that I miss those elements that molded me at such a malleable age. The curiosity that was instilled in me at RPI makes me question: why do none of the Villanovans I’ve met know what [insert technological advancement here] is? Why are group projects such a hassle?

Being a self-proclaimed “nerd” I, of course, want to dedicate the rest of my life to finding these answers (and answers to new questions along the way!). But, back to the admissions part: I know what I want to do and I know I have the will, dedication, and “chutzpah” to really succeed in being an I/O Psychologist. However, I have to wait painstaking months for someone to tell me whether or not I’m “good enough.”  While I agree with the fact that there needs to be a process to select top performers who are going to thrive in the selected program, I’m nervous. I can’t help but be nervous. I’m much better in person than I am on paper and I can only hope that they see that. But, there’s nothing else I can do but finish getting in all of my applications – and wait. At that point they’ll make a decision, but for now my future is in someone else’s hands. Someone else gets to decide my dream for me.


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