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Words of the Week [photo]

24 Jan

I’ve got a lot of important things to do this week. It’ll be challenging, but totally worth it 🙂


My Night in Annapolis [photo]

8 Jan

Our view of the bay!

Adventures in Job Hopping

6 Jan

I’ve never really liked telling my boss at my internship that I’m leaving for a new “adventure” – even the internship where I wanted to scoop my eyeballs out with a metal spoon. But this time, I am so flippin’ excited!


Buh-bye Office!

Why? I’d love to elaborate 🙂

Thanks to some freakin’ awesome individuals (GSL!!), I am now the Instructional Designer and Tutor for the online HRD program! It sounds really cool and it’s 83,000 times cooler than that. Among all of the sweet things I’m scheduled to do, I’ll be creating webinars and helping students learn statistics and APA formatting. And I get to do all of this from the comfort of my IKEA couch. I’ve always been fascinated by virtual work and now I get to live it! I haven’t started yet, but as soon as I get into everything, I’m sure I’ll have some kickin’ updates.

My Goal for 2012

4 Jan

Happy New Year fraaands! (it sounds like friends, I swear…)

Here it is. My personal goal for the new year. I’m going to run, nay, *pwn* The Broad Street Run in May! For those of you not familiar with this crazy adventure, it is a 10 mile road race down the center of Flipadelphia.

2012 Broad Street Run!!!

I’ve never been really good at sticking with goals, but I think 2012 is going to be my year. 🙂 Just a little background: I cannot stand running. I’m starting with the treadmill and working my way to the outside when it gets warmer. I’ve already committed to run a 5K when I go to San Diego in April for the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology annual conference. I may throw in a full round of P90X if I’m feeling sassy! But I won’t get ahead of myself. I’m starting with realistic short-term goals to make my way up to Broad Street.

Studies show that writing down your goals increases the probability of success. Also, having some of the the coolest GAs ever run it with me doesn’t hurt! Hooray for Ali, Sophie, and Courtney! We need an awesome team name. Any suggestions?

What has been the most difficult goal you’ve set for yourself??