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Oh, hi Ohio!

28 May

As I mentioned before, I’m gypsying around the Northeast / Midwest this summer. My journey has officially begun.

I started in Philly, packed up my essentials, and headed home. Then, drove with my mom to my sister’s graduation (Congrats Eezy!) and back home. I got in to Dublin, Ohio last night at 2:30 am and moved into the nicest apartment I will ever live in, thanks to the bangin’ internship I have this summer. It’s nice working for a global company.

I don’t feel stuck – I actually freakin’ love it here!

My odometer when I left Philly: 73,338

My odometer when I got to the coffee shop I’m currently in because my apartment doesn’t have internet yet: 74, 895

To put it in perspective, I’ve traveled far enough in a week for 1/2 of an oil change. Thank goodness my car is in tip-top shape.

So far, I love Ohio. Everyone is so nice, I’m so close to OSU – which is currently bustling with young people my age, and it seems as though you need to be lovely to live here. I’ve not seen one unattractive person here yet. Looking out this coffee shop window is like looking at a moving catalog of happy models.

My first day of work is tomorrow – more stories of my adventures to come 🙂


How Old is Too Old?

21 May

Technically it’s my last night in Philly, but it’s not really. I’m moving out temporarily because my lease isn’t up until 1 July, but I have an internship beginning next week(!) in Ohio. Luckily, this gives me the ability to move out little by little and allows me to rent a smaller moving van for just my furniture instead of the massive amounts of “stuff” I’ve accumulated over the past 2 years. Holy hell – you can accumulate a lot of stuff in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Maybe it’s the cleaning fumes I’ve been inhaling during my frantic rush to pack stuff for Ohio, or maybe it’s the fact that I have a Master’s degree now (YESSSS!) but I’ve been thinking about growing up and growing older. Note: these are mutually exclusive events 🙂

In thinking about this topic, I’ve wondered, “When do I significantly decrease the amount of metal in my ears?” Quick refresher: I have 8 piercings – in each ear. 10 in my lobes, 1 industrial, 1 daith, 1 tragus, and 3 anti- or forward helix piercings. Side note: it’s really hard to find 10 matching lobe earrings at a student-friendly price made out of a decent material, so I’m forced to mix and match.

A picture reference of ear piercings

I love all of them and each one represents a different time in my life. I can remember why I got each one and with whom I went to the parlor – just like when people go to get tattoos. I have one of those too, but that’s for a different post.

I don’t want to take any of them out, but I’ve been thinking about how people perceive me with them in. While I could really give a sh*t what people think about my earrings, I do care if it prevents me from getting my dream job. On the flip side, I do care about being somewhat appropriate – I don’t have my earrings spell out cuss words or have demon insignia on them. My earrings don’t look trashy. I’m not a lawless hooligan, you know.

I’m in an interesting situation. My future job will be teaching at the college level, but I’m unsure of the norms and standards in that environment. I’m lucky now, because my job as a tutor is completely online – no one has to see my ears. That aside, is there an age where multiple piercings are no longer societally acceptable? Like when Moms wearing their daughter’s Ugg boots? That’s “no bueno.”

To look at it another way, I think my generation has made crazy, cool ear piercings more commonplace and therefore not frowned upon as in other generations. But when does it stop? Is there a cutoff age? Is it when you have your first real job? Is it if you become a grandparent? What do you think?


In the meantime, I think I’ll go buy some new earrings 🙂


My Year as a Gypsy

14 May

Not the software. Not the musical. Google’s definition: “a member of a traveling people”

Lots of travel in my future. I travel a lot as it is – visiting family, RPI, Sophie and her dad, internship interview, scoping out PhD schools, conferences etc. Traveling allows me to expand my world view and shrink my wallet (I burn a CRAPTON of fuel in my car). While being a traveling consultant would eventually wear me down, all the travel I’ve done this year has been hella awesome.


Now for more traveling:

First, I’ll be moving out of Philly back home after I graduate this weekend. Although Philly has a myriad more things to do and explore than the Southern Tier, I just love being with my mom. She’s crazy and wonderful. You would love her.

Second, I’ll be going to my sister’s graduation in Massachusetts. It’s amazing how time flies.

Third, I’ll be moving to just north of Columbus, Ohio where I’ll be an Organizational Development intern at the R&D plant at HONDA. Yes, Honda. SOOOO excited. The only thing I’m worried about is the fact that I drive a Toyota (my car has a name – it’s Olivia) – their biggest competitor. I’m going to be judged. Hard.

Fourth, back to Western NY for my friends’ wedding. They met in our a cappella group. It’s kind of adorable.

Fifth, back to Ohio to finish my internship. I’ll probably go to some concerts and I would *love* to visit Chicago for the first time.

Last, from Ohio to Buffalo, NY where I’ll be spending the next 4 years of my life being a crazy PhD student. Feel free to send cookies and letters of love. However, I don’t have a place to live yet. I guess I’ll figure that out in July? Wish me luck…

Oh, and during this time I’ll be TAing for the most awesome online class for the online version of the Master’s degree I’ve just finished. BOOM!


So that’s my life from now until August.

It seems overwhelming, but I’m not worried. In fact, I can’t believe I’m enjoying the crazy amount of things going on. But then again, I’ve always really enjoyed keeping myself busy. My favorite summer was 2008 when I worked 40 hours a week, worked with elementary/middle/high school students to teach them acting and singing, and also starred in a musical fundraiser. Some people think it may not be “time for myself” but it’s all stuff that I love doing, so I count it as such. Also, I lived with some pretty bitchin’ people that year 🙂

I’m Graduating??

8 May


I found the most cliche image for graduation. You’re welcome.

I can’t believe that in 11 days, I will have graduated from Villanova with my Master’s degree! It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here two years, but then again, certain life events make it seem like I was here for an eternity. Actually, I wish I was going to be here a little longer. I feel like I haven’t explored everything there is to enjoy in Philadelphia.

However, as you’ve read from other posts, I’m certainly a glutton for punishment. In the fall, I’ll start all over again in Buffalo in an even more intense and lengthy program. I’m really excited to start, but if along the way you notice that I start losing chunks of my hair, it’s because I’ve finally realized that I have been in school for the great majority of my life.

I’ll be back to blogging soon – I promise :)

4 May

My final responsibilities as a Master’s student are coming to a close and my life as a PhD student will soon begin. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated 🙂