My Year as a Gypsy

14 May

Not the software. Not the musical. Google’s definition: “a member of a traveling people”

Lots of travel in my future. I travel a lot as it is – visiting family, RPI, Sophie and her dad, internship interview, scoping out PhD schools, conferences etc. Traveling allows me to expand my world view and shrink my wallet (I burn a CRAPTON of fuel in my car). While being a traveling consultant would eventually wear me down, all the travel I’ve done this year has been hella awesome.


Now for more traveling:

First, I’ll be moving out of Philly back home after I graduate this weekend. Although Philly has a myriad more things to do and explore than the Southern Tier, I just love being with my mom. She’s crazy and wonderful. You would love her.

Second, I’ll be going to my sister’s graduation in Massachusetts. It’s amazing how time flies.

Third, I’ll be moving to just north of Columbus, Ohio where I’ll be an Organizational Development intern at the R&D plant at HONDA. Yes, Honda. SOOOO excited. The only thing I’m worried about is the fact that I drive a Toyota (my car has a name – it’s Olivia) – their biggest competitor. I’m going to be judged. Hard.

Fourth, back to Western NY for my friends’ wedding. They met in our a cappella group. It’s kind of adorable.

Fifth, back to Ohio to finish my internship. I’ll probably go to some concerts and I would *love* to visit Chicago for the first time.

Last, from Ohio to Buffalo, NY where I’ll be spending the next 4 years of my life being a crazy PhD student. Feel free to send cookies and letters of love. However, I don’t have a place to live yet. I guess I’ll figure that out in July? Wish me luck…

Oh, and during this time I’ll be TAing for the most awesome online class for the online version of the Master’s degree I’ve just finished. BOOM!


So that’s my life from now until August.

It seems overwhelming, but I’m not worried. In fact, I can’t believe I’m enjoying the crazy amount of things going on. But then again, I’ve always really enjoyed keeping myself busy. My favorite summer was 2008 when I worked 40 hours a week, worked with elementary/middle/high school students to teach them acting and singing, and also starred in a musical fundraiser. Some people think it may not be “time for myself” but it’s all stuff that I love doing, so I count it as such. Also, I lived with some pretty bitchin’ people that year 🙂


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