Oh, hi Ohio!

28 May

As I mentioned before, I’m gypsying around the Northeast / Midwest this summer. My journey has officially begun.

I started in Philly, packed up my essentials, and headed home. Then, drove with my mom to my sister’s graduation (Congrats Eezy!) and back home. I got in to Dublin, Ohio last night at 2:30 am and moved into the nicest apartment I will ever live in, thanks to the bangin’ internship I have this summer. It’s nice working for a global company.

I don’t feel stuck – I actually freakin’ love it here!

My odometer when I left Philly: 73,338

My odometer when I got to the coffee shop I’m currently in because my apartment doesn’t have internet yet: 74, 895

To put it in perspective, I’ve traveled far enough in a week for 1/2 of an oil change. Thank goodness my car is in tip-top shape.

So far, I love Ohio. Everyone is so nice, I’m so close to OSU – which is currently bustling with young people my age, and it seems as though you need to be lovely to live here. I’ve not seen one unattractive person here yet. Looking out this coffee shop window is like looking at a moving catalog of happy models.

My first day of work is tomorrow – more stories of my adventures to come 🙂


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