10 Things I Learned This Past Weekend

5 Jun

1. Ohio is the only state to have a flag shape other than a rectangle.

2. Art festivals are awesome – even if you look and don’t buy anything.

3. They’re even more awesome when you go with a new friend.

4. One restaurant in Columbus has the best cream puffs I’ve ever eaten.

5. OSU is on quarters instead of semesters, so they’re still in school – no wonder the campus seemed busier than I expected.

6. Coffee is kinda gross when reheated.

7. My roommate is probably the coolest person they could have paired me up with.

8. There is more than one aisle of wine in my nearest grocery store.

9. Even the Target sells wine!

10. I forgot my wine bottle opener at home in NY and am forced to buy the “super cool” ::sarcasm:: twist off cap wine bottles if I don’t want to buy another opener. Keepin’ it classy.


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