Witty Title About Traveling

6 Jun

I get to look out this amazing huge window at work and look at trees, the Ohio state flag, and… a parking lot. Which got me thinking – I love traveling. I’d take a picture, but the security here is like that of a military base and I can’t bring my camera nor camera phone into the facility. Side note: Facebook and Gmail are blocked… but not WordPress. 🙂 But I digress..

I’ve always been the person to “play it safe” until very recently in my life. I’ve never been a thrill seeker, nor been calm about a sudden detour from my path, but I think being in grad school has given me an incredible skill: the ability to adjust. Now, I thrive on adventure. Not the “Oh wow, you guys! Let’s go on that dangerous roller coaster where everyone dies at the end!” kind of adventure, but the “Holy wow, I want to know more about this place!” kind. I think my penchant for adventure stems from my love of learning.  Did I mention that I *love* traveling?

Used to be my biggest fear… Not anymore!

I used to be incredibly afraid of airplanes to the point where I would sob the night before my flight. Now, I can’t wait to plan another trip. I’m young and unattached, so I have the opportunity to go to so many places in the world. Here are some of the top places I’ve been that I have absolutely adored:

  1. San Diego, CA – Talk about perfect weather! When I went, there was little to no humidity and the temperature was in the mid-70s. Like I said: perfect.
  2. Columbus, OH – CBus is an incredible city for young people. So many cultural activities and interesting things to explore. I’m sure going to miss it when I leave in August…
  3. Omaha, NE – Yes, Nebraska. The rest of the state is flat and seemingly devoid of life, but Omaha surely isn’t. The hustle and bustle of this growing city is quite the awesome Midwestern hub. I may also know some fabulous people that live there. 🙂
  4. Albany, NY – Lame in comparison to the other cities on this list, but I will really always call this home. I spent 4 years in the Capital District area and love the fact that it is so close to other interesting travel spots (Montreal, NYC, Boston, etc.).
  5. Philadelphia, PA – Of course, this had to be on my list. I don’t think I’d ever live here again, but the cultural opportunities are endless. Music, night life, our Nation’s history, a creepy museum about medical anomalies (which was SO COOL). This place has it all.

Now for some places I would like to visit in the future:

  1. Europe – Anywhere in Europe. Think of a place. Yep – I wanna go there. My only excusions would be places that look like it could be the setting for the next SAW movie… I would love to go visit all the countries where my ancestors called home: Italy, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland. I’m part Russian too, but I’ll do that one in another trip – I’ve heard it’s pretty intense.  I would also really like to go to the UK – if only just to get a glimpse of the lovely Princess Catherine.
  2. Portland, OR – I’ve been brainwashed by the IFC show Portlandia. I just really want to see if it’s anything like they portray on the show. Also, the NW US seems pretty awesome.

I’ll eventually extend my “future travel” list. Have any suggestions? 🙂


4 Responses to “Witty Title About Traveling”

  1. jbuckley528 June 6, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    San Francisco, CA. Because everyone needs to come to SF at least once in their life. Also, the PNW is pretty awesome.

  2. Christina June 6, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    Hey, we live in San Diego now and my fiance is from Albany!! Love Philly, too!!

  3. GSL June 7, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    Nashville is pretty darn lovely, in an unexpected way.
    Wyoming sky in the summer is unbeatable.
    The Loop in St. Louis has your name all over it (just look at the artist lineups at The Pageant for evidence:)).


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