“It’s 11:30…..On a Work Night….” or How I Rode a Motorcycle

12 Jun

I have friends from work here in CBus and they are boss.

See what I did there…?

I usually TA on Monday nights for an online statistics class. I was particularly excited about last night’s class because GSL was making a celebrity appearance in place of the normal professor. However, I didn’t know that last night would get even MORE awesome.

GSL and I chat before class starts and catch up on life, talk about music and how awesome the Midwest is, etc. When she went to run a quick errand, my friends Mike and Jenn knock on my door. Mike is teaching Jenn how to ride a motorcycle. I saw her scoot around the parking lot and she’s already really good. “Wanna ride?”

Ummmm…. YES!

Remember how I said I liked to play it safe? That was the old me. I’ve recently decided that I’m going to say yes to life and yes to all of the experiences I can have as a twentysomething. I’m not going to be this spry my whole life. However, true to my still playing it safe character, I did wear a helmet (you’re welcome, Mom).

Fun fact: I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. I know – I’m a super lame-o, right? I just never learned. So, of course, I was hesitant to just jump on the back of a bike with a friend I literally made a week ago. I was nervous that my lack of balance was going to throw him off, but I felt surprisingly comfortable. It was such a rush.

It felt like we were going 100mph, barreling down an open highway, when in all reality, we were probably going about 30 in an apartment development parking lot. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

After that, I went back inside and got ready for some bangin’ statistics – I dare you to find another person who will willingly say that. Mike, Mike’s roommate Josh, and Jenn were all going to go grab dinner at that point, which I couldn’t. But, because they are the coolest, we ended up having Taco Night at my apartment! My class ended at 10:15 and at that point we were all still chatting. It was midnight by the time I got ready for bed, but I didn’t care. My need for affiliation had been fulfilled.

I have a high need for affiliation, but that’s for another post. 🙂


One Response to ““It’s 11:30…..On a Work Night….” or How I Rode a Motorcycle”

  1. Lauren June 12, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    That’s pretty ballin! I’m not so sure I would have done the same – congrats on surviving your first motorcycle ride : )

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