Happy Belated Father’s Day!

18 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to everyone who has ever been a Father – living, deceased, or expecting. I used to avoid Father’s Day like the plague, seeing as how I lost my dad almost 7 years ago. However, I’ve really come to embrace how other people celebrate it and I’ve learned how to appreciate the male role models in my life.

Incredibly offensive, but these cards will never get old 🙂

My Poppi is such an inspiration. He grew up after the Depression and helped support his family as soon as he was able. He left high school (and never finished) to take a job to earn money to feed his siblings. Today, he has retired from a company that he started himself – from the ground up. That’s dedication.My mom’s boyfriend, Mike, is actually a really cool cat. He’s taught me a lot about cars so that I’m not a helpless lady out on the roads. I love driving, so his guidance has been pretty killer. He’s also lived in some interesting parts of the country (Hawaii!), so he always has a great story. He is so great to my mom and really keeps her on the straight and narrow.

I spent the day with my friend Jen yesterday – it was full of giggling and weekend reminiscing. Usually any day that reminds me of my dad, I try to go out and do something fun with someone.

Do you have any traditional Father’s Day activities? Did you remember to call your dad yesterday? 🙂


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