Going Greek Helped Me With My Job

19 Jun

I’m just beginning my 4thweek here at work, and already they have me doing some awesome things. For one, the work I’m doing is challenging and relevant. I have 85% autonomy while doing it, and it uses the skills I’ve honed in some of my prior internships. (Master’s degree content hard at work – thanks Hackman & Oldham (1975)!)

*NOT* how I make small talk, but still so amusing 😛

Besides the “working” part, I’ve already been assigned to an unofficial “welcoming committee” where every Monday during New Hire Orientation, I take a few newbies to lunch in the cafeteria. This, of course, requires a warm smile and a great penchant for small talk. I rock at small talk. Why? Because I was in a sorority. Not that it makes me fake, but in sorority recruitment, you have a limited amount of time to get to know someone, so you need to have quick, calculated questions to reduce a “crickets in the background” moment. You also need to stick to topics that people feel comfortable speaking about: where they went to school, where home is for them, what they enjoy doing in their spare time, etc. I’ve also nailed down my elevator speech about myself so that they have more time to talk about themselves.

Because I work in a male-dominated company, I usually take dude engineers to lunch. I have a lot of experience working my magic with ladies (I know, that sounded like an innuendo, but I can’t think of another segue), but with men, small talk is a bit more challenging. We have different gender-specific interests. Thank goodness the Thunder/Heat NBA Finals are on – that automatically gives me a solid talking point. (Side note: pretty much EVERYONE here in Ohio hates Lebron and therefore is pro-Thunder. Thunder up!)

Because I’ve done so well making the new hires feel welcome, they’re actually moving me up to help with a leadership development program they run for new engineers. I might even get to travel to Alabama! No promises, but I’m really hopeful.


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