The Anatomy of my Co-Worker’s Hiccup Fit

21 Jun

Have you ever tried to forcibly make yourself not laugh out loud? Does it make you want to laugh even more? Do you catch yourself grinning like a fool when you try not to burst out laughing?

That’s the story of my afternoon.

I’m entering data from paper sheets into a website. Riveting, I know. The woman who sits one cube over from me currently has the biggest hiccup fit going on. I don’t know what it is about them, but it started to make me smile. Hiccups make me giggle.


She hiccupped again. (Oh my gosh, I wonder how she got the hiccups?)– I ask my inner self.


Another hiccup. (Is she not going to do anything about it?)


One more. (Umm… that’s hilarious! Is she going to do it again?)


Hiccup. (*Internal giggling starts* Wait for another one! She’s gonna have another one!)


Hiccup. (Holy crap this is the most entertaining thing I’ve enjoyed all day! HICCUP AGAIN!)


Another. (I’m going to burst out laughing if she does it again! My stomach is starting to transition into “belly laugh” mode.)


Hiccup, hiccup. (OMG I can’t take it anymore! I’m gonna lose it!)


Hic. (Doesn’t she know to hold her breath?)


Hiccup. (Does anyone here know any ‘wive’s tale’ remedies for this woman’s diaphragm issue? might be getting annoyed now…)


One more. (REALLY, LADY?)


And another. (Maybe I should go up behind her and scare the hiccups out of her? Nah, she’ll see me coming.)




And then, just as the clouds would open to clear a rain storm, no more hiccups. My sanity is restored. Except, I’m still doing data entry…


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