I’m Going to Buy a Bicycle

25 Jun

Hooray for new purchases! This one is especially monumental for me. “But Beezy, it’s just a bicycle.” Oh no, my friends. It’s the purchase of my new adventurous spirit.

A little back story: I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. When my parents and step-parents were encouraging my brother and sister to learn how to ride, I was inside – reading. I know – I sound like suuuch a fun kid. But that’s what was important to me: literary adventures. Kids who turn into animals, kids who go into creepy houses looking for clues, kids who babysit in their spare time and have a club dedicated to it. That was my jam. I read so much when I was a kid that I asked my elementary school librarian if I could “own” one of the stacks – I took care of the Greek and Roman mythology section. When I got to high school, my free periods were spent in the library.

I will never stop reading, but I need to put the book down and experience the world around me. I’m going to learn how to ride a bike. I am a twenty-something who is excited to learn and experience new things.

This is the summer where I will be bold. I will be brave. I will do things that old Beezy thought, “Girl, you *must* be crazy.” I will travel thousands of miles and meet new people.

I will learn to ride a bike.

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  1. You Schwinn Some, You Cruise Some / “Michael, 5K means 5 kilometers, not 5000 miles.” « beezypedia - July 23, 2012

    […] If you remember from a previous post, I’m a lame-o twentysomething who doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Or didn’t. After freaking out trying to keep my balance, Josh was able to let go after only a few tries (thank you again!!!). Now, I’m decent at going straight and turning left – I’ll be perfect for when NASCAR allows bicycles. While I’m not yet an ambi-turner, I’m going to practice turning right this evening. I can’t wait to go to the grocery store on my sweet bike! […]

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