“I’ve Got Soul – My Mama Said So”

28 Jun

Arguably one of the best opening lines in a “folksy” song.  I know – I’m going a bit overkill on the music this week, but it’s only because I’m so excited for Summer Shutdown and John & Tayls’ wedding tomorrow!! WOOP WOOP! Holy hell, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling, but I’ll have a partner-in-crime who has never been to Philly/Upstate NY before. 🙂

This song has been stuck in my head for a while. I had never heard of SK6ERS until I went to see Jon McLaughlin with Blian in NYC. Probably the best concert I’ve been to, to date. They have a TON of other really great songs – I say this because you should check them out and expand your musical catalog.

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, so today I’m short on words and wit. I’ll post pictures from this weekend’s wedding, but during the break, I can’t promise I’ll post as often as I have been. See you on the flipside 🙂

Beez, out.


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