Just One More Vacation Day, Please… / Tayls and John Get Married!

9 Jul

Oh boy. First full week of work after a bitchin’ vacation. My wagon is draggin’ (feel free to steal that phrase), but I have a *lot* to catch up on.

Let’s start with the wedding of the summer – Tayls and John got married!! They are just the sweetest people and they are going to have a very wonderful and musical life together. 🙂

I shamelessly stole this from @cdomm ‘s Instagram page 🙂

What a lovely wedding! – in a beautiful church by a lake in Upstate NY and the weather was just perfect. The reception was also quite lovely – it was in a lodge with great food and even better people.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find photos of the wedding by searching #pipesweddingstravaganza.

I loved getting to see all of the Pipes and getting to sing with everyone again! Holy nostalgia, Batman! It reminded me of being with everyone when I first joined my a cappella group. It’s where I got the name Beezy from. 🙂

The next leg of my journey was the trip to Philly. That one is a bit more detailed, so I’ll save that for a different post.


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