Carpool: Make Sure Your Windows Open Underwater?

11 Jul

Tomorrow I’ll be carpooling to work. For the first time in my job history.

I’ve always rocked out in my car in the morning. It’s nice to be alone with the ability to scream song lyrics without a passenger covering their ears. Earmuffs! However, it gets lonely. For my introverted friends, you probably think of it as being a nice time to prepare for the workday ahead of you – some alone time to recharge your soon-to-be-drained battery. For me, it’ll be nice to have some human interaction in the morning that doesn’t involve the finger I get from cutting a lady off on the highway.

I imagine our carpool being like a mini road trip with my 2 friends (Mike & Josh) who want to go in at the ass-crack of dawn.

The time doesn’t bother me so much. I should probably be getting up really early everyday – I have an incredible amount of clarity in the morning that quickly flees by the time my stomach rumbles for lunch. My behind needs to get out of bed.

Going in early also means I get to leave earlier: I could go to a yoga class, sunbathe when the sun is higher in the sky – but not too intense, read a book, answer the personal emails I’m unable to access at work. I’ve always wanted to start kickboxing and a little extra time in the afternoon / evening could be helpful. Yes! This could be beautiful!


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