Mid-Week Music Moment: Obviously Influenced

18 Jul

Happy Hump Day, homies! Time for another installment of MWMM! I’ve had a couple of songs stuck in my head that follow a similar theme: they sound like they could have been popular in a different era. As you may know, I love music – all kinds of music. My family and friends have played a large part in shaping my musical tastes. Needless to say, when I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum this past weekend with Josh, I was floored. Representations of all of the music I had ever listened to and loved was there. Mike McCready’s guitar, handwritten lyrics by The Beatles, a dress worn by Aretha Franklin, and did you know Jimi Hendrix was an *amazing* artist? Not just a friggin’ musical wizard. They had some of his childhood sketches and drawings there – what a talent. I would have gladly bought some of his artwork and hung it proudly in my home.

So back to my original thought – I love how music from my dad’s generation sounds and I’m really excited to share a few songs that show their influences from this point in time in the first few notes.

“Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys

There’s just something about The Black Keys that just makes me want to say “MMMMHHHMMMMM!” Their music is so dirty. So gritty. So full of hipster-y goodness. It makes me want to dance in a way that is inappropriate in a workplace setting.

“Freedom at 21” by Jack White

I have always loved The White Stripes, and when I heard that Jack White was branching out on his own, I couldn’t have been more excited. Holy sh*tsnacks, this track is awesome. You better believe this song is on my running playlist – it’s perfect for when I’m feeling angsty about something and just need to run it out. If you haven’t listened to Blunderbuss (JW’s newest album), please crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under. We’ve missed you. 🙂

“Easy Way Out” by Gotye

I got to see Gotye when he came to Philly in March. Amazing, really. His newest album, Making Mirrors, is one of the top ten of the year for me. In all honesty, I wish this song was longer. Sometimes, I find myself playing it on repeat just to fool myself that the song is actually extended. This is one of the songs I’ll be dancing around to while my roommate is out of town.


2 Responses to “Mid-Week Music Moment: Obviously Influenced”

  1. TMatt July 18, 2012 at 11:54 am #

    “No responsibility, no guilt, or morals cloud her judgment.”


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