Throwback Thursday: “Layla” by Eric Clapton / Derek and the Dominos

19 Jul



As you can tell by my music selections this week, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic – you know, from a musical era in which I was not even alive…Pretty sure my mom was learning about addition when this song originally came out.

So my pick for Throwback Thursday is the timeless classic, “Layla.” I’m feeling pretty awesome already today, and this song just amplifies it tenfold. This upbeat, love powerhouse was originally from 1971 – a time of Apollo 14, the 26th Constitutional amendment, and people who didn’t know that this song was the sh*t (apparently, this song didn’t do so well in its initial release).The unplugged version (which skyrocketed this song back into the hearts of rock-lovers everywhere) was released in 1992. Because this song exists in 2 different versions, it’s possible to listen to this beast no matter what mood you’re in.

When I visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this past weekend with Josh, they had a movie of short snippets of the inductees. When Clapton’s piece of the montage appeared and “Layla” played, I instantly had some sort of spark fire off inside me – the kind you feel when you’ve won a prize in a contest, or when you find out that someone else feels the same way about you. “I LOVE THIS SONG!” my inner voice screamed. “HOW THE EFF DID THIS SLIP FROM MY MEMORY?!” My inner voice had a *lot* of caffeine that day.

Happy Thursday Friends 🙂


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