Naps Are The Best

27 Jul

I love taking naps. Whether it’s because I’m physically exhausted, or because I’m bored – taking a nap is fabulous. Sometimes, when I need to make a big decision or need to recharge before completing a large task, I’ll “take a twenty” and bust out some z’s. I always feel better when I wake up.

I’m a pretty emotional person sometimes. I get caught up in how I feel before I analyze the implications of my actions. For you MBTI enthusiasts, I’m more of an “F” than a “T”. Because I have this knowledge about myself (thanks psychometrics!), I know that – in high-stress situations – I don’t always digest the facts before I decide to act. I once got a really terrible haircut after a guy broke up with me. Bad news bears. In order to counteract my inner urge to make quick decisions, sometimes I will nap it out. I have taken naps before deciding on grad schools, internships, romantic interests, large work projects (not at work, but after work), research proposals, and a myriad other things.

Besides their use in decision-making, naps are great when you’re not feeling well. For instance, I once took an unplanned nap while I had mono. I didn’t necessarily wake up feeling refreshed, but I did wind up with a great story. I had mono my sophomore year of college. It sucked – hard. After gathering my sheets, taking them to the basement to wash them, and subsequently climbing those 3 flights of stairs back up to my room (we didn’t have an elevator), I proceeded to put my freshly-washed sheets back on my bed. My bed was in a corner and I had successfully tucked 3 corners of my fitted sheet before tucking the one wedged in the corner. I remember crawling onto my bed to tuck in the last corner, and woke up 2 hours later. Yes – I had napped out while putting my bed sheets on.

Here’s the one peeve I have with naps: people associate them with cats. “Oh, I’m just going to take a little cat nap.” No you are not, sir/ma’am. Let’s leave cats out of this. I don’t want them to have anything to do with my blissful slumber. Some cats are nice and all (I guess), but not for naps. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a dog person.

It’s Friday, I’m sleepy, and I spent a good chunk of yesterday at the zoo. It was freakin’ awesome. I know I said that I would post my photos today (I will Monday – I promise!), but for now I think I’m going to take a nap instead. 🙂


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