August Birthdays Rock

1 Aug

Happy August Everyone!

Whenever I get a new calendar, I flip straight to my  birthday month to see which picture I got. Sometimes I’m disappointed – August is in an interesting spot between the pretty summer photos and the lovely fall ones. No one really knows what kind of picture adequately describes August. It’s the awkward turtle of months. I think it’s the best of both worlds: you still get to enjoy some hot-weather activities and sometimes it’s cool enough to feel the beginning of fall.

I know some pretty fantastic people born in August (Erica, Blian, and Josh, to name a few). If you celebrate an August birthday, welcome to our month!

Usually I’m even more excited about my birthday than I seem to be now – mainly because I’ve been hitting some milestones. When you’re 18, you can vote, buy illicit items and a whole bunch of other stuff. When you’re 19, it’s the last year you’re a “teenager”. When you’re 20, you start your reign as a “twentysomething”. Most don’t remember their 21st birthday – I passed out at 10pm on mine and didn’t make it to the last bar I had planned on hitting. For me, 22 was the start of my new life in grad school. 23 was the beginning of my last year in a Master’s program and when I met Sophie (who is pretty much me, but a year younger – she’s 24 is going to be fun because I’m starting a new program in a new city, but I think I’m done with the whole “call all of your friends to go out to celebrate your birthday and go cray” thing. I’m feeling a low-key birthday this year – one that includes homework and writing and reading a crapton of journal articles. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂


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