Throwback Thursday: Bonnie Raitt Cover Double Play

2 Aug

Another Thursday, another throwback, homies. And, it’s a double feature!

First, we’re gonna slow jam it this week with a cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. This song is absolutely gorgeous: when Miss Bonnie herself sings it, you can really feel everything that she’s going through (and if you’ve ever felt it yourself, you know it ain’t fun). The Hyannis Sound is one of my favorite all-male a cappella groups. They are comprised of current or recently-graduated undergraduate students from universities all over the country. Each summer, they get together and tour the Cape Cod area lending their velvety voices to anyone who will listen. And believe me, people listen. The one time I saw them live, the place was pretty much full.

The second act of our TT double play is “Something to Talk About” as performed by the NYU N’Harmonics. Fun fact: I was at this very performance and I remember it being *phenomenal*. This video was taken at the 2007 ICCA Northeast Quarterfinals in Hartford, CT. They won the quarterfinal – big surprise, right? I know I’ve mentioned the N’Harmz before, so I won’t belabor the topic and I will let you get back to watching these videos, because they are, indeed, awesome.

Have a fabulous Thursday, friends!


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