I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

6 Aug

…which, at this point, seems like it will be very soon. I had a really busy (and fun!!) weekend with some fantastic people, but blogging on 1 hour and 26 mins of sleep doesn’t do justice to a proper update. My wagon is draggin’ for sure.


I’ll be posting about it tomorrow, but for right now my keyboard looks like a great pillowwwvgfdsvgfdsgfdsvxsgfswgfwagfcdgcxvgxsvgs……………………


2 Responses to “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”


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    […] plague. (Side note: It’s been affecting my quality of sleep, which sucks because I’m already tired from going to my very first music festival. While I try not to be a worrier, I can’t help but […]

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    […] Chicago to CBus – wow, I am exhausted… […]

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