Mid-Week Music Moment: Wild Nothing / Washed Out

8 Aug

Happy Hump Day! I’m still tired from this past weekend, but I’m slowly making a comeback. I’ve been listening to more “chill” music this week to get back into my normal groove. (I’ll have an update later today on my adventure in Chi-Town.)

Anyway, this week I have 2 bands you need to check out. The first is Wild Nothing. I found out about them on a music blog based in Buffalo – I figured as long as I’m moving there, I might as well start following the culture that exists there. I was pleasantly surprised with this suggestion. It has a really nice summer-y feel to it – which is especially important to me as the summer is coming to a close and I have some grown-up things to take care of that I’m avoiding like the motherfreakin’ plague. (Side note: It’s been affecting my quality of sleep, which sucks because I’m already tired from going to my very first music festival. While I try not to be a worrier, I can’t help but attempt to play out different scenarios in my head to try and gain some clarity. This leads me to doing random internet searches at 1 in the morning. Asleep at 1am and waking up at 6am makes for a very drowsy Beezy. I’m staying optimistic though – everything will work out the way it’s supposed to in the next week or two (or three?). )

The next songs are from Washed Out. I saw them in April with Soph and Court at Union Transfer. Firstly, if you’ve ever been to Union Transfer, you know that it’s a super kickass venue. It reminded me of the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Secondly, you may think you don’t know them, but listen to this first:

That’s right: Washed Out does the theme song to my favorite IFC show, Portlandia (put a bird on it!!). While I didn’t get to see them again at Lollapalooza, I recently heard the first single off the newest album. I listened to it at the gym and had it on repeat in the shower. It has a really relaxed vibe that I’ve been searching for lately.

Have you been listening to similar music lately? I’d love some suggestions!

Have the loveliest of Wednesdays, friends 🙂


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