The Adventures of Bob and Greta: Bring in Da Illinoize and Also, Time Permitting, Da Funk / A Day at the Races

13 Aug

Finally, I’m getting around to posting about my epic weekend. On Friday, McKibbles-n-Bits drove up from Cincy and Blian drove up from New Joysey. It’s really nice knowing that I have friends who would actually drive a good distance to see me. We went with Josh to the Dublin Irish Festival and “got our Irish on” with the other McAwesome’s and O’Fantastic’s. Side note: I’d like to thank my Irish heritage for my insane love of potatoes (garlic-mashed and horseradish-mashed all day, baby!!) and my “I swear to blog, if I’m out in the sun for more than 5 minutes without some sort of sunblock, I’m going to turn into a lobster-human” skin. After that, we went to dinner, chatted, and laughed. I really like the people I surround myself with. I am a happy lady.

On Saturday, Josh took Blian and me to the Mid-Ohio race track to see the Indy car qualifiers and American Le Mans Series. Remember when I said one of my “Plan B” jobs is being a race car driver? This was an awesome experience for me. While I’m not an engineer, I am *incredibly* curious and love to learn how things work – looking at the inside of the car and seeing how everything is placed and how it works to make the car run faster than a tween’s heart at a J-Beibs concert. It eventually got a little too hot – I looked like a sweaty invertebrate that just molted its shell. Not attractive. Blian and I shotgunned a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after we said bye to Josh and got on the road for another adventure: Lolla-motherfreakin’-palooza!

The drive there wasn’t bad for the first half: I got to drive through Indiana for the first time! However, around South Bend (go Notre Dame!), my phone made this terrible alarm noise. “Great,” I thought. “I have no stinkin’ battery left!” Not the case. I later found out that there was a bill passed that allowed the National Weather Service to send alerts to smartphones when there is severe weather in their area. Turns out, I was about to survive my first tornado warning.

It didn’t look that bad, so I continued to drive through. Bad choice. Quickly, the winds started to pick up and the rain became much heavier. I eventually made it to a rest stop and decided to wait it out with a delicious, vanilla malt from the DQ. We got back on the road and made it to the Windy City. We met up with Tracey, her new friend Cynthia (she’s a really cool dancer), and some of Cynthia’s friends. We went to Rock Bottom Brewery and a drunk gentleman bought food for our entire table of 7 – yes seven – people. I felt bad, but I rolled with it because I am a poor college student. I was wiped from our journey and decided to shower and go right to sleep. I’m so glad I did, because the next day took a lot of energy out of me.

The next morning brought beautiful sunshine through our hotel windows and the promise of a kickass day. I put on my bright, funky colored sneakers and loaded up my mom-bag. That’s what we were calling it – I had everything a concert-goer would need: sunscreen, a poncho, an umbrella, a water bottle, snacks, a headband and hair tie, toilet paper in case the public restrooms were out, gum, and space for crap that anyone didn’t want to hold any longer. I was uber prepared.

Our first mission was to eat something. On our way to find food, we found an animal shelter that had puppies staring at you from the window. I’m pretty sure one of them was humming the Sarah McLaughlin song. We had to move on.

We ate at a delicious brunch place that kept us full for the rest of the day. Next, Blian broke away from our pack to go visit a friend of his. Tray, Cynthia(shesareallycooldancer) and I took the El to Grant Park and made our way to have some fun.

Our first stop was to see Little Dragon. I’d never heard of them before, but Cynthia(shesareallycooldancer) was super excited to see them. Next, we made our way to Gaslight Anthem – I was super stoked to see them, especially after having them as a MWMM! After we had ceased our rockin’ out, we headed to see Florence and the Machine. We all wanted to see Flo. Sh*t, she was good.  She seemed a little, um, weirder than normal, but she was fantastic. Probably my favorite of the day, which is tough to say because everything was friggin’ sweet. I didn’t get to see Jack White, because my friends wanted to see some other groups. I was disappointed, but I did get to see Justice and Childish Gambino in that time slot. Childish is my guy. If you’re looking for a NSFW beat that is great to run to, or just great to sway back and forth to (and pretending you’re a rapper, of course), then “Freaks and Geeks” is your jam.

After Childish, we made our way with the bustling crowds toward our starting point. Blian and I headed for Buckeye City as tired and weary travelers who had just had a great time at Lolla. I don’t remember much of the drive back because I was so tired and trying to counteract it with massive amounts of caffeine. However, I do remember really needing to use a restroom and not being able to find one for 30 mins. When I did finally find one (at 3:30 or 4:00 am), it just so happened that an entire family also found the same rest stop and jumped in line before me – all 12 of them. 12!!!! That was brutal.

I don’t know that I would do it again next year – it was pretty expensive if you didn’t live in Chicago – but I’m glad I went this year to see my friends and to say that I’ve driven through 2 new states (Indiana and Illinois).  But mostly to see my friends 🙂


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