The Only Modeling I’m Qualified for is Statistical Modeling

14 Aug

There are quite a few interesting personalities in my department. I’m doing a project in Excel for one of them who was praising my work. It felt really nice to have someone admire my work until:

“That’s so interesting that you like math so much. Girls don’t like data! Why do you have to like statistics?”

Oh Christmas. Before my blood starts to boil, lets talk this out.

I’ve never really considered myself a feminist, but I am of the impression that if I want to do anything, regardless of what society deems “gender appropriate”, I’m gonna do it. (Side note: Feminist Ryan Gosling is freakin’ awesome.) I remember *hating* math when I was younger. Like, hate that only heroines who are seeking revenge for the death of their families possess. It was my¬†kryptonite. But, something happened when I entered middle school – I found out that I was actually pretty decent at math. As a general rule, we tend to be attracted to people who are like us and to things that we’re good at. Once I discovered math outside of times tables and word problems, it became more interesting. And, I got to learn the Greek alphabet (holla, variables!)!

Does anyone remember that Teen Talk Barbie? Let’s quickly refresh your memory. This particular toy said 270 phrases, one of which was, “Math class is tough!”. While I tend to agree with Barbie (if you’ve ever taken Foundations of Analysis, you know what I’m talking about – that class suuuuucked), I know that if a talking counterpart existed, he wouldn’t say something like, “Art class is hard!”. Yes, certain genders dominate certain topics, but is it because they are naturally better in those areas, or is it maybe because they are pushed toward those areas due to societal pressures? The jury is still out on that one.

Maybe you’re right, Person At Work Who Thinks I’m Odd For Liking Math – maybe most girls don’t like data. I’m not like the traditionally-viewed lady. I like baking and Indy cars. I enjoy shopping, singing, and regression analysis. I want to wear makeup and get my hands dirty. I enjoy being polite and amiable while also laughing at a dirty joke meant for a 13 year old boy.

My dichotomy of interests is what makes me, me. Also, your spreadsheet is ready.


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