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Mid-Week Music Moment: “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

28 Nov

“So, we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us…”

I first heard about Macklemore from Blian (who, somehow, is always 3 steps ahead of me when finding new and kickin’ music). In my opinion, he’s a great follow up to what the Beasties have done for rap. Now that MCA has passed, kids just getting into rap will never be able to see all 3 of them together live. Don’t get me wrong – Jay-Z is one of the kings of the game (he *always* makes it onto my running playlist), but I hold a very special place in my musical heart for the Beastie Boys.

You’re going to want to stop everything you’re doing and listen to this song.


Monday Music Madness: Adele Remixes

26 Nov

Heyo, good people!

I came across these songs and thought I could put them together in a related post. Who doesn’t love a fresh take on a beloved vocalist?

This first one I heard a while ago when I lived in Philly. Childish Gambino is the rap name of Donald Glover a.k.a. Troy from the NBC comedy “Community.” When he first got his start, he was MCDJ but got his current stage name from a Wu Tang Clan name generator. For reference, although the beat is pretty sweet (I’m a fan of rhyming), the language is probably not appropriate for kiddie ears.

This second song I found in the We Are Hunted app on Spotify. Spotify is like Pandora, but you can create your own playlists too. You better believe I have quite a few playlists lined up – especially for doing work and writing papers. Josh Heinrichs puts a Bob Marley spin on Adele that I really dig.

This week is going to be crazy with work, and also crazy awesome. I’ll be sure to post an update as soon as I get the chance to put some thoughts together.

Have a kick-ass week, amigos!

Mid-Week Music Moment: “Hang With Me” by Robyn / Quick Life Update

19 Nov

It’s Thanksgiving this week! I’m so excited to be seeing my family. I don’t remember the last time I saw my sister – she lives in Rhode Island now and doesn’t get to travel to this side of the Northeast ever. I’ve been so swamped with work this week so far. I’m actually supposed to be writing a stupid paper as I write this, but blogging seemed like a better way to take a break.

So besides getting to see my family, I’m also excited for this weekend. I’m going on a date. Yes – a real life “post-college where you meet other people who didn’t go to the same school as you and therefore are super interesting” date.  He’s in the circle of friends that I’ve been spending most of my free time (hah! what free time?!). He originally asked me out to dinner, but he changed his mind and is now planning a surprise date. I love surprises, but when you tell me that you’re surprising me, I get super anxious and curious. I hope it has something to do with a fire-breathing dragon, but since they do not exist in real life, I’m keeping my other ideas down to earth.

Have a splendid Turkey Day everyone! Gobble gobble!!

Funky Friday: “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons (Passion Pit Remix)

9 Nov


These two bands together produce nothing short of greatness.

It’s Time (see what I did there!) to get funky, good people!

New Music Thursday: “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

8 Nov


If you know me, you know I love the Internet. Not just “Oh, yeah – the Internet is a great place to get the information I’m looking for!” Nay. It’s more of a “ERMAGHERD! I HAVEN’T CHECKED MY EMAIL IN 3 MINUTES?? WHAT IF I GET SOMETHING I NEED TO RESPOND TO *RIGHT NOW*?????!?!!! ARE THOSE PUPPIES IN SWEATERS??? LOOK AT THIS THUNDERSTORM TAKEN FROM THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION YOU GUYZZ!!! DID YOU HEAR THAT JOE BIDEN IS GOING TO BE ON PARKS AND REC NEXT WEEK!! LOL” type of love.

It’s not a problem – I swear.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I love the fact that the Internet allows me to listen to my favorite alt rock station in Philly without being within FM receiver range. Thanks to the wizards that control the Internet and the bitchin’ music that they play at Radio 104.5, I heard this song.

I thought this song was appropriate for two reasons: #1. It’s an awesome song. Boom. #2. It has been sweater weather in Buffalo for a while now. Actually, it’s just recently turned to “Ugh. I have to take the dog out to pee? Let me put on 7 layers of clothing” weather. As soon as the snow hits, it’ll make the chilliness totally worth it.

Enjoy this track, ladies and gents!

Mid-Week Music Moment: Doin’ a Double Take

7 Nov

I heard this song about a month ago. It came on the radio and my roommate and I commenced rockin’ out in my boat of a car.

“Hey! I like this song! It-…wait. Does this sound like The Police to you?”

Boom. Hit the nail right on the head. Want proof?

The Police are incredible. #1. I remember listening to their songs with my parents when I was younger. #2. Their song is really fun to play on Rock Band. This further strengthens my argument from before that a lot of music that is currently being pumped out is heavily influenced by some bitchin’ earlier artists who knew their stuff.

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s chilly in Buffalo today – we had black ice early this morning! If it’s cold where you are, stay warm 🙂

Election Day Should Be A National Holiday So I Don’t Have To Go To School

6 Nov

Happy Election Day everyone! I hope you’ve all exercised your right to vote and then mentioned it on Facebook 🙂

Seriously though, I can’t wait for this to be all over! If I see one more campaign ad, I’m going to poke someone in the eyeball. When I lived in Ohio this summer, I saw more campaign ads than I think I’ve seen in my entire young life. I have a very strong opinion for one candidate, but I’m not trying to shove it down my friends throats. For my Facebook friends that are trying to sway my vote via Facebook status updates, I have *seriously* considered defriending them. It’s just become too much. I checked out a few weeks ago because I already sent in my absentee ballot. It was really gratifying knowing that my opinion is going to be counted and I hope everyone who votes today feels that it was worthwhile.

So, ranting aside, I just got back from Florida on Saturday – what a nice break from the Northeast! It was sunny and beautiful – just what I needed to help push me through the last few weeks of my first semester in a PhD program (and boy, do I have a crapton of stuff to do). I had a great time and even learned a thing or two that will help me with some future research. I’ll have more updates when I can take another breather, but for now, that’s all she wrote.

Happy Tuesday, peeps!