New Music Thursday: “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

8 Nov


If you know me, you know I love the Internet. Not just “Oh, yeah – the Internet is a great place to get the information I’m looking for!” Nay. It’s more of a “ERMAGHERD! I HAVEN’T CHECKED MY EMAIL IN 3 MINUTES?? WHAT IF I GET SOMETHING I NEED TO RESPOND TO *RIGHT NOW*?????!?!!! ARE THOSE PUPPIES IN SWEATERS??? LOOK AT THIS THUNDERSTORM TAKEN FROM THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION YOU GUYZZ!!! DID YOU HEAR THAT JOE BIDEN IS GOING TO BE ON PARKS AND REC NEXT WEEK!! LOL” type of love.

It’s not a problem – I swear.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I love the fact that the Internet allows me to listen to my favorite alt rock station in Philly without being within FM receiver range. Thanks to the wizards that control the Internet and the bitchin’ music that they play at Radio 104.5, I heard this song.

I thought this song was appropriate for two reasons: #1. It’s an awesome song. Boom. #2. It has been sweater weather in Buffalo for a while now. Actually, it’s just recently turned to “Ugh. I have to take the dog out to pee? Let me put on 7 layers of clothing” weather. As soon as the snow hits, it’ll make the chilliness totally worth it.

Enjoy this track, ladies and gents!


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