Reasons Why I Loved / Cried While Watching “Silver Linings Playbook”

12 Mar

If you have not seen this movie, you really should. I wanted to see it as soon as I saw a trailer for it, yet I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to until today. Yes, I took a mental-health-vacation of 2 hours out of my PhD-crazy day to go to a matinée showing. By myself. It was amazing.

I snuck in a scone, a peanut butter cookie, and a medium coffee from my favorite coffee shop (yes, I was totally undetected. To be fair, it was 1pm on a Tuesday, so…) and sat myself down in the back of the theater. 2 hours of no phone, no internet, and a whole lot of Bradley Cooper. He’s only among the reasons for my strong desire to see this Oscar-nominated flick.

So, here goes my list, in no particular order (I’ll try not to give away any spoilers):

  1. As mentioned before: Bradley Cooper. ::swoon::
  2. Robert DeNiro cries. Yes, cries. And it is incredibly touching.
  3. They address different forms of mental illness, which hits home with some of the experiences that I’ve had. In the movie, Bradley Cooper’s character suffers from bipolar disorder (mood swings and delusions while under intense stress), Jennifer Lawrence’s character is a sex addict, and Robert DeNiro’s character has OCD (rituals, superstitions, and the like). The characters were so believable and you just wanted to reach out and hug them.
  4. Watching Chris Tucker teach Bradley Cooper how to dance is hilarious.
  5. “It can still be a date if you order Raisin Bran.”
  6. I’ve been to many of the places they go to in the movie. I used to live right up the street from the diner they go to on Halloween and I used to pass by the school where the characters worked all the time while I took the train in to the city. It made me miss Philadelphia a lot.
  7. When they pass by the movie theater on Halloween, the horror movie that is playing is “Midnight Meat Train”, which my sister told me about many moons ago, starring Bradley Cooper. It got decent reviews from the big-wigs, but most people who tell me they’ve seen it say it was a “train wreck.” I’m sorry I’m not sorry for that pun.
  8. They gave me a really quick synopsis of Hemingway’s “A Farewell To Arms”. I’ve been meaning to read it, but OB articles take up most of my time. The fact that I found time to write this blog post is slightly astounding.
  9. The therapist was a really nice guy. Not like one of those, “Tell me how that makes you feeeeeel…” or “If you read my book, I discuss all about …” types. He was real. I would like him to be my shrink.
  10. Jennifer Lawrence is Plain and simple.

So there you have it. Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook? Did you love it as much as I did? Or did you want to spoon your eyeballs out with a melon baller?



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