Just In Case

17 Mar


I met you at my favorite place to do work. It’s where all the people similar to me hang out, which is probably why I’ve made so many friends there. I’ve been to the other locations that they have, but I always saw you there: working diligently, alone, not paying attention to the slew of people like us.

And then, I spoke to you. You were funny, intelligent, engaging, yet aloof. Nerdy. That was my favorite part.

We talked for hours. About anything. Somehow, we shared the same views on almost anything – except for being connected to the world. I talk, text, chat, Facebook, tweet, Instagram, blog, carrier pigeon, etc. Constantly connected to the ones I love, people of interest, news, things to make me laugh. And you can’t figure out why people can’t wait for a response from you when you feel like it. It didn’t make sense, because you were so easy to talk to.

I loved when I talked to you at my favorite work place. I would get there early and finish as much work as I could, just in case you came in and we got to talking. For hours. I would make sure my hair looked just right, just in case I saw you there. I remembered to think about myself a little more – taking time out of my day to de-stress, put on makeup, do my hair, knock out my to-do list. I got a lot of stuff done and out of the way, just in case I saw you.

What I didn’t prepare for was for you to be a less-than-kind friend. I almost feel like you’re trying to sabotage our friendship. I deserve better than waiting for you endlessly, because you’re busy. I get it, I’m busy too, but I can take 30 seconds out of my day to let someone know if I’m not going to hang out when I said earlier that I would like to. I’m not in to burning bridges, just in case.

I know I shouldn’t, but I’d really like to hang out with you again. I know you’re a conflict-avoider, but chatting with you would just be the greatest thing. Even if you were the one to create the easily-avoidable conflict. Don’t avoid the place where we do work, just in case I happen to be there. I want to keep you around for a while, pick your brain, hear about your life and stories and random thoughts that you have. I’ll still listen. I’ll still care. Just in case you do too. Just in case.


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