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Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

20 Aug

“Your Gypsy Name is Philana, meaning Loving”

Childish Gambino got his rap name from a Wu Tang Clan  name generator, so I thought I could find my gypsy name that way. I have been a gypsy this summer. 

If you remember, I traveled all around the Northeast and Midwest this summer. When I left Philly (the first time) my odometer read 73,338. Currently, back home in Upstate NY, my odometer says 82,123. That’s right – I’ve driven almost 10,000 miles this summer! Here is an outline of my adventures:

  1. Philly to Home – goodbye Villanova!
  2. Home to CBus – started my new internship 🙂
  3. CBus to Home – Tayls and John got married!
  4. Home to Philly – yeah… I still had a *lot* of stuff left there… (Thank you for your help, Josh!!!)
  5. Philly to Home – my mom’s garage is now the proud holder of all my sh*t.
  6. Home to CBus – gotta finish my internship!
  7. CBus to Chicago – Lollapalooza, bitches!
  8. Chicago to CBus – wow, I am exhausted…
  9. CBus to Home – what??!?! Do I *have* to go???

And now, number 10: Home to Buffalo. Buffalo is going to be my home for the next 4 years (…oh boy…). I’ll be packing up all of my earthly belongings (again!) and moving to Buffalo on Wednesday. I’ll be honest – I’m not particularly fond of the city, but I know that I’ll meet some great people and learn some great things. Also, they say it’ll take 4 years, but I’m going to do everything in my power to finish it sooner. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’m going to work harder than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. I’ll work harder than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. I don’t know why all of my working analogies have an appendage missing… I need to work on that.

Just know that when I go on the job market in 3 years, I’ll be looking to move back to the Midwest 🙂


Running Outside is Awesome / It’s a Cute Overload

18 Aug

I have found 2 panaceas for having a **blerg** day. Running and the Internet.

I woke up feeling sh*tty today.

  1. Because I had only put a small dent in the packing I needed to do.
  2. I’m leaving tonight and my Buckeye State adventures are over (until next summer? :)).
  3. The person with whom I’ve spent every weekend this summer, except for two, has already left Ohio.
  4. I can’t bring my dog with me to Buffalo. She really is the best dog ever.

However, remember when I wrote about feeling sh*tty before? That’s right. I ran like a mad woman. I ran like I stole something and I was being chased. And you know what? It felt AWESOME. I ran in the park that I pass everyday on my way to work. It’s so cute there. I turned on some hip-hop and just ran.

The best thing I’ve found about running is that you can’t feel anything but peace and exhaustion. I was thinking about the above list, but I couldn’t be sad. My legs started to get tired, but I couldn’t be upset with the world. I’m still running on some of that high right now. If you don’t live in an area that lends itself to outside running, I highly suggest you find a park or something similar like I did. It’s 1,000 times better than running on a treadmill.

And now for the Internet. I swear the Internet was created for cute things. Have you seen how many pictures of Corgis, Poodles, and other freakin’ adorable puppies exist?? Allow me to demonstrate:

So cute!

Poodle puppy! This is what Puppet looked like when she was smaller.

Look at them! They’re so happy!!

Even though these pictures are heart-warming, add some babies and throw it in a video, and you have Internet gold. Whenever I hear a baby laugh, I can’t help but feel a little bit of joy start to bloom. One of my favorite technology blogs, Mashable, has compiled the 10 best infectious YouTube clips of babies laughing at dogs. Please click the link to watch all 10 videos and enjoy them as much as I did.

Here’s one:


“Save Your Tears For The Bathroom” / Things I Learned This Summer

16 Aug

My advisor gave the advice above to us in one of my first grad school classes (shout out G$L!).

Full disclosure: I cried last night. I cried this morning. However, I’ve gone through an entire work day and haven’t cried yet. I don’t plan on “losing my sh*t” for the rest of the day.

“But Beezy, why are you so sad?” Thanks for inquiring, friend.

It started with an email. A fairly harmless beginning, one would assume. The email came from a blog I subscribe to, letting me know that they had put together what they claimed to be an all-encompassing list of the best apps for back-to-school. Sh*t. I should probably start thinking about that.

So I did, which meant that I should probably recharge my iPad. I haven’t touched it in 2 months and it was dead-er than Ryan Lochte’s potential career as a particle physicist. As soon as it had enough juice to come back to life, I updated my neglected piece of technology and sat down to add the new apps that were supposedly sure to help with my education. Hey, if it’s free, I’ll give it a go. I had it in my hands and felt an odd sensation: I’m going back to my old routine.
“NO!,” I thought. “After being in CBus for so long, I’ve developed a new way of doing things; my new routines are better! I don’t want to start over AGAIN.”

And then I thought for a really long while.

I thought about how my experiences here have really transformed me into the person I want to become. I now go to bed at an appropriate hour and am early to rise and start my day. I’ve learned that I’m more productive in the morning and that I dislike the feeling of wasting the day away in bed. I like my new bed and my new bedtime routine and how often I go to the gym. I want to keep all those things and I know how hard it is to transport it all.

Moving from Philly, it was easy to give up my former routines because they were unhealthy and difficult to transport to CBus. It was so easy to start over. When I was in Philly, I was in an, um, interesting relationship. I felt dead for the most of it, I’m not going to lie. Just going through the motions. It started when he cheated on me, and I – unlike the strong, confident woman I would have liked to be – took him back. After that, I forgot what it was like to really feel something special for another person – and that I should be valued in whatever relationship I’m in. My work suffered. My personal well-being suffered.

Until I ended it. That was the beginning of my rebirth, if you will. I started some new routines that I was able to bring with me (like blogging more frequently, spending more time with friends, taking charge of my health and wellness, etc.) and surrounded myself with people who were supportive of my new way of life.

I think one of the reasons I’m so upset is the fact that I can’t take people with me to Buffalo: The people who have listened to me, given me advice, went on fun adventures with me, shared their successes and failures, and taught me how to be a good friend and person. I know I’m not saying “Goodbye” – just “See you later.” They make phones and Skype and cars and airplanes for a reason. I know I’m going to meet new people who are going to make my experience fantastic, but I’m still in that “I’m scared for the first day of school” stage.

Uncertainty and ambiguity make me uncomfortable. I do my best with them when I can, but if I am given the opportunity to gain some clarity and solidify some things, you better believe I’ll jump all over it.

Besides the whole “having to uproot once again” thing, I’ll be honest, I’m sad that Josh left last night. I’m glad that I got to spend as much time as possible with him, but still sad that this concludes our Columbus adventures. For now, of course :). I’m always eager to visit a new state and I’ve never been to the Dakotas before. He’s a really special person that makes me feel really special too. You can tell that I like him.

For now, I’m going to go home, continue packing my things, and rock out to some sweet, sweet tunes. But first, my department is throwing me a going-away party tonight. I’m going to eat pizza, and laugh, and enjoy my last Thursday night here. I’m sure I’ll have some more “upbeat” posts when I actually start as a doctoral student, but for now, thanks for allowing me to work some things out. 🙂



An Open Letter to the Best Waffle I’ve Ever Eaten

7 Aug

Dear Waffle –

We met too long ago – a couple of weekends ago actually. We found where you live in North Market and happened to grab a sample when Josh and I walked by. It was love at first bite and I knew that I had to come back for more.

We eventually returned and I enjoyed a double serving of your sugary deliciousness. I was confused and amazed at the same time. “Holy sh*t! Why does this waffle taste like I’m high-fiving a million angels?” “How do they caramelize the sugar on the outside?” “Did I sign what’s left of my soul away for the opportunity to eat this waffle?”

You’re the best of both worlds – a breakfast item that moonlights as a delightful dessert. I have to see you again, but here’s the problem. I’m committed to another. You see, I bake quite frequently and I have some cheesecake bites in my fridge that are just sitting there waiting to find a home in my tummy. I can’t just kick homemade cheesecake like that to the curb, nor can I just shove all of the delicious treats into my mouth like Takeru Kobayashi in hopes that they won’t go to waste (well, I *could* but that’s not really enjoying food-love, now is it?).

I’m moving to Buffalo in a few weeks. You’re here in Columbus. However, I saw on your website that I can buy you and have you shipped to my new home in “Queen City of the Lakes”. I think this long-distance relationship can really work. We can visit Niagara Falls as I pop you in the microwave put a heaping scoop of Velvet vanilla ice cream on top of you. We can run the 5K I’m doing in December (you’ll be in my stomach, as I will have eaten you for breakfast that morning). The possibilities are endless.

When I think of you, I think of a famous quote by the great Leslie Knope: “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”

Waffle, I am a better person having met you. You are a f*cking delicious delight.




Words of the Week – Starting Over

30 Jul

I’ll be moving to Buffalo in 3 weeks and I start my new grad  program in 4 weeks from today. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t scared out of my freakin’ mind.

I like to challenge myself to try new things so as to not be complacent with my current situation. I’m a creature of habit and I know that as soon as I get into a pattern and routine, it’s hard for me to change. Some things are fun or easy to change – especially when they need to (e.g. moving out of a bad apartment, breaking up with someone who was terrible to you, going on vacation, trying a new food, going on a fun adventure).

I’m comfortable here in Ohio. I love the people I’m with, the work that I’m doing, the area in which I live, etc. However, I have to start all over again in a month. I’m moving to Buffalo – a large city that doesn’t quite reflect my personality. I’ve considered taking a year off of grad school and just working – trying out the whole corporate office thing for just a year. That could work, right?

Last week, I debated this thought. I bought the largest lollipop I could find (random, I know – but it was cotton candy flavored and seemed like a fantastic idea at the time) and drove around the Central Ohio countryside until that lollipop was gone. I just drove and thought, drove and thought. No. I’m not really cut out for the corporate world, unless it’s on the other side: helping companies to become better, studying their people and processes, teaching others how business and psychology ideas and principles are applied in the real world. To be honest, it was shocking how strongly I felt about this. I knew this was my original plan, but to confirm it in my mind, on my own, was really rewarding.  I’ve gone through several “I want to be X when I grow up” conversations, and this is the first one that has stuck with me for longer than a year.

Yes, I’m sad to be leaving Ohio – but I’m not leaving forever. I’m not being banished to a far away land for the rest of my life. They make planes, trains, and cars for a reason. I think I have it confused in my mind that when I say goodbye to something, it’s goodbye for good. In reality, it’s actually just “see you later”. I know that I’m going to come back and live in the Midwest after I graduate (pretty much *anywhere* in the Midwest – it’s flippin’ awesome here). It’ll be 4 years, but in relation to other things I’ve done, 4 years is nothing. I’ve already spent 6 years in college and grad school, waited a stupid amount of time to learn how to ride a bike, waited 3 years to see my mom finally get back on “the wagon” – I think I’ve gotten pretty good at this “delayed gratification” thing.

I found the above quote when I was searching for a neat Words of the Week post. It’s totally right – those are 3 viable options, but not for me. I don’t give up. Ever. Sure, I get frustrated with a lot of things, but if I can’t change it, then I get over it pretty quickly. However, if I’m given the chance to change something or fight for something (or someone), you better believe I’m going to. I give it all I’ve got.

When I move to Buffalo, I’m going to give it all I’ve got.

“Actually, the reason I look like this is because my father was from Sweden and my mother was Elton John.” / Zoovenirs

25 Jul

That’s right, peeps. I’m going to see Jim Gaffigan tonight at the Ohio State Fair!! I so effin’ excited, I might dance in my cubicle! Well, maybe not – that might draw attention to the fact that I’m blogging during work… but you get the idea.

For those of you who don’t know who Jim Gaffigan is, let me tell you a couple of things: 1.) The year is 2012. 2.) You might want to see a chiropractor after living under that rock for so long. But really, he’s hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quoted his stuff with my friends, my mom, and even my boss. Yes, my boss has *texted* me about hot pockets!

I’ve been able to do so many fantastic things while in CBus and this is just another bitchin’ thing to add to my list. And TOMORROW! Holy mother of blog – tomorrow is going to be awesome. Not only because I have a great Throwback Thursday lined up, but because I’m going to the motherfreakin’ ZOO tomorrow!!! I’ll give you a sweet recap on Friday.

“But Beezy, you’re going to be 24 and you *want* to go to the zoo?” You’re GD right I do.

  • First, it’s a zoo – and zoos have owls, giraffes, pandas, and a crapton of my other favorite animals. The only thing that would make it even more epic would be if there was a puppy-petting area. All my dreams.
  • Second, I get paid to go to the zoo. It’s a business-sponsored co-op event that most of the other interns are going to. We have to do a team-building exercise (which might be fun? – I’m not sure what it is yet), but after that, we’re free to roam about.
  • Third, I am going to Instagram the sh*t out of that zoo.

Human Juice Box / Tattoosday

24 Jul

Even Michael Scott donates

Yep – I donated blood today. This will mark the 3rd state in which I’ve donated a pint of my AB+ goodness (or BZ+, depending on your sense of humor 🙂 ). It sucks that the Red Cross donations don’t coordinate with each other across states, or else I would be even closer to my “1 gallon” achievement.

Even though I’ve done this so many times before, I always have some butterflies in my stomach right before I go in. However, the feeling after is kind of awesome. You get to eat cookies, know that you’ve helped someone, and the whole experience is a mini-endorphin rush.

One of the rules for donation eligibility is no piercings or tattoos in the last 12 months. I made sure I donated today because I’m considering getting a second tattoo. I haven’t had any sort of body modification since the spring of 2010, so I think I’m due for an update. I have the idea picked out and all I need to do is find a great artist in CBus. I’ve been doing some searching and reddit has given me some great suggestions.

I went with Tray for one of her first back tattoos, on a Tuesday (hence the pun). An ivy vine with the letters, “aoe”. After that, she was hooked. Her tattoos are just the coolest (She has an owl!! You know how much I love owls…). I took Blian to get his done – he has a *sweet* ambigram-style tattoo on his leg. The meaning of his tattoo is really powerful – “naught without labor.” Boss.

I’ll make another post about what I’m getting as soon as I solidify the location and make an appointment. Stay tuned – more to come 🙂

You Schwinn Some, You Cruise Some / “Michael, 5K means 5 kilometers, not 5000 miles.”

23 Jul

I did it. I bought my first bicycle yesterday! It’s a Schwinn Clairmont Ladies Cruiser with 7 gears and hand brakes.

My very first bicycle!

After awkwardly placing it in the back of Josh’s Mustang (thank you!!), I brought my sweet new ride home.

If you remember from a previous post, I’m a lame-o twentysomething who doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Or didn’t. 🙂 After freaking out trying to keep my balance, Josh was able to let go after only a few tries (thank you again!!!). Now, I’m decent at going straight and turning left – I’ll be perfect for when NASCAR allows bicycles. While I’m not yet an ambi-turner, I’m going to practice turning right this evening. I can’t wait to go to the grocery store on my sweet bike!

I was mad at myself for waiting this long to finally put on my “big girl pants” and learn how to ride, but after feeling the wind through my hair going at what I would assume was a solid 5mph, the only feeling I could muster was one of sheer accomplishment. I can now cross this task off my “Things To Do Before I’m 30” list.

In other “Year of Beezy” news, I ran my very first 5K with a time of 41.38. Not impressive by any means, but I’m really proud of myself. Also, I found out running is not as sh*tty as I thought it was. I’ve always run on a treadmill: watching the same view outside as I feel like I’m supposed to be moving forward. After doing the 5K this pas weekend, I think I really enjoy running outside.

I think this entire summer has reminded me that I like being active (GSL – I finally get why you did a 1/2 marathon!). There’s something really rewarding about waking up and feeling sore from dancing like crazy at Zumba, running outside, doing yoga, playing tennis (which I’ll hopefully get to do this week), or just going to the gym the day before. I remember when I used to be really active a few years ago and how happy that made me (I was also skinnier – this was pre-grad school, of course). Now that I think about it, this summer has made me feel more like “me” than any other summer. Over the past 2 years I feel like I’ve put myself on hold – for multiple reasons that snowballed together. I’ve forgotten the things that I really love and the things that make me the happiest. Well, I’ve taken the bull by the horns again and I’m back, Nerds! I’ve surrounded myself with great people, I’ve decided to take on the world and not let it decide my fate for me, and I’ve been truly, genuinely, and unwaveringly happy.

Things I’ll Do While My Roommate Is Gone

16 Jul

My roommate is on a business trip for the entire week, until Saturday. She’s pretty much the coolest roommate I could ask for, so when she’s home, we end up doing a lot of things together. Here is a short list of things I’ll do while she’s gone: 

  1. Make her a list of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – she (drunkenly) proclaimed that Leonardo DiCaprio was a Ninja Turtle. I didn’t have the heart to correct her.
  2. Do P90X in the living room.
  3. Blast music and dance around like a complete fool.
  4. Wear my best socks, find a men’s dress shirt, and reenact the scene from Risky Business. Multiple times.
  5. Bake. A lot. (I normally do this while she’s home, but I’m going to increase my rate of production so she has some delicious treats when she gets back.)
  6. Color an entire coloring book about pirates. Yes, pirates.
  7. Record my audition tape for The Voice.
  8. Have a movie/tv show/cool things on Netflix marathon.
  9.  Bake more.
  10. Jump on the furniture like I’m 7 years old and the floor is lava.

Any other suggestions? 🙂


Carpool: Make Sure Your Windows Open Underwater?

11 Jul

Tomorrow I’ll be carpooling to work. For the first time in my job history.

I’ve always rocked out in my car in the morning. It’s nice to be alone with the ability to scream song lyrics without a passenger covering their ears. Earmuffs! However, it gets lonely. For my introverted friends, you probably think of it as being a nice time to prepare for the workday ahead of you – some alone time to recharge your soon-to-be-drained battery. For me, it’ll be nice to have some human interaction in the morning that doesn’t involve the finger I get from cutting a lady off on the highway.

I imagine our carpool being like a mini road trip with my 2 friends (Mike & Josh) who want to go in at the ass-crack of dawn.

The time doesn’t bother me so much. I should probably be getting up really early everyday – I have an incredible amount of clarity in the morning that quickly flees by the time my stomach rumbles for lunch. My behind needs to get out of bed.

Going in early also means I get to leave earlier: I could go to a yoga class, sunbathe when the sun is higher in the sky – but not too intense, read a book, answer the personal emails I’m unable to access at work. I’ve always wanted to start kickboxing and a little extra time in the afternoon / evening could be helpful. Yes! This could be beautiful!