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Monkeys Wearing Jackets Make Everything Better

10 Dec

Spark Notes version: dealing with a lot of emotional stuff today that is severely inhibiting my productivity.

Until I saw this monkey.

Memes make everything better.

Day: saved.



It’s About Survival / Dating Dislike

6 Dec

As of 9:30pm EST this very evening, I will have completed all of my classes of my first semester as a PhD student! My last final is the 17th, so I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch. Also, I don’t own chickens.

The past few weeks have been hell for a few reasons.
1. I miss the sh*t out of my sister. She gives the best advice and it’s sad to not be able to hug her after she’s done dealing a hefty dose of a reality check.
2. The other person in my cohort is thinking of quitting.
3. There’s only enough time to get it done – not to make it perfect. As a raging perfectionist, I’m getting a really valuable life lesson to calm my sh*t down. It’s not about achievement – it’s about survival.

I’ll be honest – I thought about quitting this past week. I thought about going to cosmetology school instead. You see, one of my stress relief tactics is shopping at Sephora – not the healthiest for my wallet, but my skin looks great and I’m kick-ass at liquid eyeliner now. But then I thought about the office job I would get instead – because that’s what I’m most qualified for at this point – and immediately went back to my research. I cannot work in an office. Even though it’s super stressful, this is really the environment where I belong. I’m gonna stick it out for the long haul. I like Buffalo, my new friends are awesome, and I like who I’ve become. I like everything here.

Well, there is *one* thing I dislike – people who say they had a nice time on your date and then never talk to you again.

Really? Caution: it’s about to get straight-up cranky in here.

I’m a person who is very quick to appreciate others and I’m optimistic about my future. I’m honest about how I feel and very empathetic. I tell people how I feel about them. My guard is usually down. When you tell me that you enjoyed spending time with me, I believe you and I get my hopes up. 2012 has *not* been my year for relationships. Luckily, 2013 is right around the corner. I know the right guy who will love all of me is out there somewhere – it’s just going to take me a little bit longer to find him. Or have him find me 🙂
I’m not looking for pity, but rather to educate. If you don’t want to date someone anymore, tell them. Believe me, they’ll appreciate it more if you buck-up and just say what’s on your mind. Oh my blog – I sound like my mother.

I think I’ll just marry myself – I know we’ll be really happy together. Also, I’m registered at Target, Crate & Barrel, and – of course – Sephora. 😛

Election Day Should Be A National Holiday So I Don’t Have To Go To School

6 Nov

Happy Election Day everyone! I hope you’ve all exercised your right to vote and then mentioned it on Facebook 🙂

Seriously though, I can’t wait for this to be all over! If I see one more campaign ad, I’m going to poke someone in the eyeball. When I lived in Ohio this summer, I saw more campaign ads than I think I’ve seen in my entire young life. I have a very strong opinion for one candidate, but I’m not trying to shove it down my friends throats. For my Facebook friends that are trying to sway my vote via Facebook status updates, I have *seriously* considered defriending them. It’s just become too much. I checked out a few weeks ago because I already sent in my absentee ballot. It was really gratifying knowing that my opinion is going to be counted and I hope everyone who votes today feels that it was worthwhile.

So, ranting aside, I just got back from Florida on Saturday – what a nice break from the Northeast! It was sunny and beautiful – just what I needed to help push me through the last few weeks of my first semester in a PhD program (and boy, do I have a crapton of stuff to do). I had a great time and even learned a thing or two that will help me with some future research. I’ll have more updates when I can take another breather, but for now, that’s all she wrote.

Happy Tuesday, peeps!

“Why I Can’t Marry Someone With the Same Job as Me” & Other Romantic Rants

2 Sep

I want to be a professor and researcher of Organizational Behavior when I grow up. If everything goes well, I’ll be there in 4 years. Well, the professor thing – not necessarily growing up :-P. Here’s the thing: although I’m very career-oriented at this point in my life, I eventually want to love someone, get married, and have a kick-ass family. And dogs. Lots of dogs. Definitely not any time soon, but eventually.

Here’s what I’ve decided in my interesting dating history: if I marry someone who has the same job as me, I’ll go effing batty. Why? Because I imagine the competition will drive me absolutely insane. I am (not out-of-control, but rather enthusiastically) competitive. Even if it’s a game of putt-putt, I psych myself up. I always want to do better than the best I can. Probably says a little bit about why I’m in a PhD program… Even if we don’t study the same topic, I can imagine that I would always be comparing successes. Not that healthy. I dated a guy who loved to prove that he was better than me at my class work. I’m sure we can all guess how that ended.

Luckily, I seem to be attracted to people who have different career aspirations in completely different fields. I love learning about other people and their different interests (Side note: engineering *fascinates* me). I don’t care if you’re a barista or a CEO, you have something interesting that I want to learn about. However, this comes with a caveat: you have to at least pretend to give a sh*t about what I do. I’ve met people who are interested in me, but aren’t interested in what I do. It blows. At this point in my life, I am deeply committed to my work. Please, just pretend to care about how my day was and listen to me when I complain about scrubbing a data set and how awful people are at taking surveys for research. I promise, I’d do the same for you.

I’m the type of person who will be 100% loyal to you. I will always ask about your day and how you’re doing and what you’re working on. I get it. I know how to be incredibly supportive because I know how amazing that feels to be on the receiving end. I want to hear about the robots you’ve built, or the paintings you’ve created, or the new planet you’ve discovered. I promise, I’m a really good listener. Also, if you do discover a new planet, can you get me in to meet Neil deGrasse Tyson? I’d be forever grateful 🙂

Why You Should Never Use Comic Sans in a Presentation

13 Jun

Because you look like a fool.

If I had a nickel…

There needs to be a “Comic Sans Users Anonymous” – these people need help. I’m positive they can be rehabilitated.


The end.

The One Place Where Technology Has Failed Me

14 Mar

I was asked to grade an assignment for a class of 20 students. I have the rubric, so it was really a piece of cake. I set up the office iPad to take notes and viewed the students submitted assignments on my laptop – that way I wouldn’t have to go back and forth between windows. I saved my notes as an email draft in GMail and it automatically saved my changes on both computers. Or so I thought.


I had exited the GMail screen on the iPad and it reverted to what it had saved on the laptop. I lost 6 student feedback responses and about an hour of my time.

I feel like if it was my iPad (which is coming in 2 days!!!!) I would have downloaded a notes app that would hold the info that I could email to myself after, instead of having this crazy synching mess.

Sad panda.

Of Mondays and Passive-Aggressive Emails

12 Dec

Have you ever gotten a message from someone that you weren’t expecting? Maybe a passive-aggressive message while you were at work that made your heart skip a beat from being blind-sided? Welcome to my Monday – and Mondays are “blah” to begin with…ugh.

I automatically assume that everyone who has reached my age will be as appropriate and professional as I would like to be. However, sometimes I need to remind myself that not everyone has reached that point in their lives and I must respond as the person I want to be (read: not a child). It’s so frustrating to get such a jolting email in the middle of my work day while I have 83,248 other things to do.  I sent a very respectful and well-thought-out response, so there’s nothing else I can do at this point. Good thing I have a counseling center appointment tomorrow.

To make my day better though, I found the above Natalie Dee comic. All of her stuff is so funny. Check it out 🙂

Have you ever had anyone send you a passive-aggressive message that you weren’t expecting?