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Guess What I’m Doing Right Now…

22 Aug



Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

20 Aug

“Your Gypsy Name is Philana, meaning Loving”

Childish Gambino got his rap name from a Wu Tang Clan  name generator, so I thought I could find my gypsy name that way. I have been a gypsy this summer. 

If you remember, I traveled all around the Northeast and Midwest this summer. When I left Philly (the first time) my odometer read 73,338. Currently, back home in Upstate NY, my odometer says 82,123. That’s right – I’ve driven almost 10,000 miles this summer! Here is an outline of my adventures:

  1. Philly to Home – goodbye Villanova!
  2. Home to CBus – started my new internship 🙂
  3. CBus to Home – Tayls and John got married!
  4. Home to Philly – yeah… I still had a *lot* of stuff left there… (Thank you for your help, Josh!!!)
  5. Philly to Home – my mom’s garage is now the proud holder of all my sh*t.
  6. Home to CBus – gotta finish my internship!
  7. CBus to Chicago – Lollapalooza, bitches!
  8. Chicago to CBus – wow, I am exhausted…
  9. CBus to Home – what??!?! Do I *have* to go???

And now, number 10: Home to Buffalo. Buffalo is going to be my home for the next 4 years (…oh boy…). I’ll be packing up all of my earthly belongings (again!) and moving to Buffalo on Wednesday. I’ll be honest – I’m not particularly fond of the city, but I know that I’ll meet some great people and learn some great things. Also, they say it’ll take 4 years, but I’m going to do everything in my power to finish it sooner. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’m going to work harder than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. I’ll work harder than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. I don’t know why all of my working analogies have an appendage missing… I need to work on that.

Just know that when I go on the job market in 3 years, I’ll be looking to move back to the Midwest 🙂

Running Outside is Awesome / It’s a Cute Overload

18 Aug

I have found 2 panaceas for having a **blerg** day. Running and the Internet.

I woke up feeling sh*tty today.

  1. Because I had only put a small dent in the packing I needed to do.
  2. I’m leaving tonight and my Buckeye State adventures are over (until next summer? :)).
  3. The person with whom I’ve spent every weekend this summer, except for two, has already left Ohio.
  4. I can’t bring my dog with me to Buffalo. She really is the best dog ever.

However, remember when I wrote about feeling sh*tty before? That’s right. I ran like a mad woman. I ran like I stole something and I was being chased. And you know what? It felt AWESOME. I ran in the park that I pass everyday on my way to work. It’s so cute there. I turned on some hip-hop and just ran.

The best thing I’ve found about running is that you can’t feel anything but peace and exhaustion. I was thinking about the above list, but I couldn’t be sad. My legs started to get tired, but I couldn’t be upset with the world. I’m still running on some of that high right now. If you don’t live in an area that lends itself to outside running, I highly suggest you find a park or something similar like I did. It’s 1,000 times better than running on a treadmill.

And now for the Internet. I swear the Internet was created for cute things. Have you seen how many pictures of Corgis, Poodles, and other freakin’ adorable puppies exist?? Allow me to demonstrate:

So cute!

Poodle puppy! This is what Puppet looked like when she was smaller.

Look at them! They’re so happy!!

Even though these pictures are heart-warming, add some babies and throw it in a video, and you have Internet gold. Whenever I hear a baby laugh, I can’t help but feel a little bit of joy start to bloom. One of my favorite technology blogs, Mashable, has compiled the 10 best infectious YouTube clips of babies laughing at dogs. Please click the link to watch all 10 videos and enjoy them as much as I did.

Here’s one:


A Trip to Target, or Why I Should Not Be Allowed to Shop By Myself

13 Aug

Have you ever felt accomplished after going to a store – any store – and coming out with what you went in for? Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a really great feeling. It’s especially rewarding for me because I swear I have undiagnosed ADD. Ok, maybe not, but you’ll see where I’m going with this.

I went for a run on Saturday morning. The weather could not have been more perfect – low humidity, low to mid-seventies, partly cloudy so the sun wasn’t totally destroying my freakishly pale skin. Everything I could have wanted in a day to go running, this was the day. I drove to the park I’ve been in before – it’s a cute little park and I found out they have a doggy training camp there on Saturday mornings! After my run, I thought I would run a few errands. Yeah, I was a little gross from running, but I figured no one would care that I didn’t look like an elegant duchess. I was only going to be in the store for 5 minutes, right?  I was wrong.

I stumbled upon a Target and thought, “You know what? I’m running low on vitamins, I need a new car charger because my other one broke, and I’ve been trying to find a cute saddle-type bag for my new bicycle. Those are the three things on my list: vitamins, car charger, and bike bag.” I proudly marched into Target with my mantra, “Vitamins, car charger, bike bag.”

First stop, pharmacy. I found what I was looking for (I swear I need a representative from the FDA to follow me around when I take vitamins. I’m pretty sure every letter of the alphabet that has a vitamin is accounted for in my blood stream. I don’t remember the last time I was sick, so there’s that.) and moved onto electronics. Of course, I saw a cool clock with a handlebar mustache, an owl kitchen timer (“You don’t need that, Beezy”), and some cute picture frames. I love picture frames. I love taking pictures and displaying them in my home or office setting. Man, when I get to Buffalo, I’m going to decorate the SH*T out of my apartment. I’m going to come home to something that’s been ripped out of a catalog. Maybe I should get some new towels? Mine are getting old and losing their ‘fluff’. Maybe I should wait and see what my new bathroom looks like. Ooo! Here’s a book that gives your horoscope based on your name. I bet they don’t have my name. HOLY SH*T THEY HAVE MY NAME! Here’s another book that gives your horoscope based on your birthday. Oh that’s cute.

Crap. Car charger.

I keep strolling through the aisles and find the car charger I’m looking for. Score. 2 out of 3 down.

Next to electronics was the book section. I won’t have time to read in a few weeks, so I might as well cram some good reading in. 50 Shades of Grey? A big resounding “no thank you” crossed my lips.  I came across “The 4 Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss. I watched a documentary on a day in his life not too long ago (aptly named “A Day in the Life”. It’s on Hulu, if you’re interested.). He seems a little conceited, but not too bad of a guy. He seemed like he knows what he’s talking about. I can skim his book while I’m in this aisle. Not bad. Hmm… maybe I’ll make some time to read some of the sections if I buy this book.

Ugh. Bike bag.

I make my way toward the sporting goods section and oh my goodness! That dress is so cute. And it’s on sale. Nah – I don’t know where I’d wear it. ::Sigh:: I wish I could wear hats. These hats are all so adorable, but I look really goofy in hats. Luckily, I found out I look decent in a rockabilly-type bandanna headband, so I know I’ll be going as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween this year. I should probably start looking for an outfit for that – you know, just to be prepared. I already have bright red lipstick that I look really good in. You can’t see her pants in the photo. Does she wear pants? Of course she wears pants. I should start doing push-ups to look as strong as her. I can’t wait for fall. Hmm… the bags this season aren’t as cute as some other ones I’ve seen. I’ll have to look online for a new messenger bag for PhD school. My other one is starting to come apart.

GD it! Bike bag!

I make my way toward the sporting goods section (again) and find a bike bell and front and rear lights for my bike. Yes! I’ve been looking for these! However, after 10 minutes of scouring the aisles to no avail, I end my quest for my bike bag. I think I’m just going to get a basket instead.


The Adventures of Bob and Greta: Bring in Da Illinoize and Also, Time Permitting, Da Funk / A Day at the Races

13 Aug

Finally, I’m getting around to posting about my epic weekend. On Friday, McKibbles-n-Bits drove up from Cincy and Blian drove up from New Joysey. It’s really nice knowing that I have friends who would actually drive a good distance to see me. We went with Josh to the Dublin Irish Festival and “got our Irish on” with the other McAwesome’s and O’Fantastic’s. Side note: I’d like to thank my Irish heritage for my insane love of potatoes (garlic-mashed and horseradish-mashed all day, baby!!) and my “I swear to blog, if I’m out in the sun for more than 5 minutes without some sort of sunblock, I’m going to turn into a lobster-human” skin. After that, we went to dinner, chatted, and laughed. I really like the people I surround myself with. I am a happy lady.

On Saturday, Josh took Blian and me to the Mid-Ohio race track to see the Indy car qualifiers and American Le Mans Series. Remember when I said one of my “Plan B” jobs is being a race car driver? This was an awesome experience for me. While I’m not an engineer, I am *incredibly* curious and love to learn how things work – looking at the inside of the car and seeing how everything is placed and how it works to make the car run faster than a tween’s heart at a J-Beibs concert. It eventually got a little too hot – I looked like a sweaty invertebrate that just molted its shell. Not attractive. Blian and I shotgunned a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after we said bye to Josh and got on the road for another adventure: Lolla-motherfreakin’-palooza!

The drive there wasn’t bad for the first half: I got to drive through Indiana for the first time! However, around South Bend (go Notre Dame!), my phone made this terrible alarm noise. “Great,” I thought. “I have no stinkin’ battery left!” Not the case. I later found out that there was a bill passed that allowed the National Weather Service to send alerts to smartphones when there is severe weather in their area. Turns out, I was about to survive my first tornado warning.

It didn’t look that bad, so I continued to drive through. Bad choice. Quickly, the winds started to pick up and the rain became much heavier. I eventually made it to a rest stop and decided to wait it out with a delicious, vanilla malt from the DQ. We got back on the road and made it to the Windy City. We met up with Tracey, her new friend Cynthia (she’s a really cool dancer), and some of Cynthia’s friends. We went to Rock Bottom Brewery and a drunk gentleman bought food for our entire table of 7 – yes seven – people. I felt bad, but I rolled with it because I am a poor college student. I was wiped from our journey and decided to shower and go right to sleep. I’m so glad I did, because the next day took a lot of energy out of me.

The next morning brought beautiful sunshine through our hotel windows and the promise of a kickass day. I put on my bright, funky colored sneakers and loaded up my mom-bag. That’s what we were calling it – I had everything a concert-goer would need: sunscreen, a poncho, an umbrella, a water bottle, snacks, a headband and hair tie, toilet paper in case the public restrooms were out, gum, and space for crap that anyone didn’t want to hold any longer. I was uber prepared.

Our first mission was to eat something. On our way to find food, we found an animal shelter that had puppies staring at you from the window. I’m pretty sure one of them was humming the Sarah McLaughlin song. We had to move on.

We ate at a delicious brunch place that kept us full for the rest of the day. Next, Blian broke away from our pack to go visit a friend of his. Tray, Cynthia(shesareallycooldancer) and I took the El to Grant Park and made our way to have some fun.

Our first stop was to see Little Dragon. I’d never heard of them before, but Cynthia(shesareallycooldancer) was super excited to see them. Next, we made our way to Gaslight Anthem – I was super stoked to see them, especially after having them as a MWMM! After we had ceased our rockin’ out, we headed to see Florence and the Machine. We all wanted to see Flo. Sh*t, she was good.  She seemed a little, um, weirder than normal, but she was fantastic. Probably my favorite of the day, which is tough to say because everything was friggin’ sweet. I didn’t get to see Jack White, because my friends wanted to see some other groups. I was disappointed, but I did get to see Justice and Childish Gambino in that time slot. Childish is my guy. If you’re looking for a NSFW beat that is great to run to, or just great to sway back and forth to (and pretending you’re a rapper, of course), then “Freaks and Geeks” is your jam.

After Childish, we made our way with the bustling crowds toward our starting point. Blian and I headed for Buckeye City as tired and weary travelers who had just had a great time at Lolla. I don’t remember much of the drive back because I was so tired and trying to counteract it with massive amounts of caffeine. However, I do remember really needing to use a restroom and not being able to find one for 30 mins. When I did finally find one (at 3:30 or 4:00 am), it just so happened that an entire family also found the same rest stop and jumped in line before me – all 12 of them. 12!!!! That was brutal.

I don’t know that I would do it again next year – it was pretty expensive if you didn’t live in Chicago – but I’m glad I went this year to see my friends and to say that I’ve driven through 2 new states (Indiana and Illinois).  But mostly to see my friends 🙂

“Actually, the reason I look like this is because my father was from Sweden and my mother was Elton John.” / Zoovenirs

25 Jul

That’s right, peeps. I’m going to see Jim Gaffigan tonight at the Ohio State Fair!! I so effin’ excited, I might dance in my cubicle! Well, maybe not – that might draw attention to the fact that I’m blogging during work… but you get the idea.

For those of you who don’t know who Jim Gaffigan is, let me tell you a couple of things: 1.) The year is 2012. 2.) You might want to see a chiropractor after living under that rock for so long. But really, he’s hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quoted his stuff with my friends, my mom, and even my boss. Yes, my boss has *texted* me about hot pockets!

I’ve been able to do so many fantastic things while in CBus and this is just another bitchin’ thing to add to my list. And TOMORROW! Holy mother of blog – tomorrow is going to be awesome. Not only because I have a great Throwback Thursday lined up, but because I’m going to the motherfreakin’ ZOO tomorrow!!! I’ll give you a sweet recap on Friday.

“But Beezy, you’re going to be 24 and you *want* to go to the zoo?” You’re GD right I do.

  • First, it’s a zoo – and zoos have owls, giraffes, pandas, and a crapton of my other favorite animals. The only thing that would make it even more epic would be if there was a puppy-petting area. All my dreams.
  • Second, I get paid to go to the zoo. It’s a business-sponsored co-op event that most of the other interns are going to. We have to do a team-building exercise (which might be fun? – I’m not sure what it is yet), but after that, we’re free to roam about.
  • Third, I am going to Instagram the sh*t out of that zoo.

You Schwinn Some, You Cruise Some / “Michael, 5K means 5 kilometers, not 5000 miles.”

23 Jul

I did it. I bought my first bicycle yesterday! It’s a Schwinn Clairmont Ladies Cruiser with 7 gears and hand brakes.

My very first bicycle!

After awkwardly placing it in the back of Josh’s Mustang (thank you!!), I brought my sweet new ride home.

If you remember from a previous post, I’m a lame-o twentysomething who doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Or didn’t. 🙂 After freaking out trying to keep my balance, Josh was able to let go after only a few tries (thank you again!!!). Now, I’m decent at going straight and turning left – I’ll be perfect for when NASCAR allows bicycles. While I’m not yet an ambi-turner, I’m going to practice turning right this evening. I can’t wait to go to the grocery store on my sweet bike!

I was mad at myself for waiting this long to finally put on my “big girl pants” and learn how to ride, but after feeling the wind through my hair going at what I would assume was a solid 5mph, the only feeling I could muster was one of sheer accomplishment. I can now cross this task off my “Things To Do Before I’m 30” list.

In other “Year of Beezy” news, I ran my very first 5K with a time of 41.38. Not impressive by any means, but I’m really proud of myself. Also, I found out running is not as sh*tty as I thought it was. I’ve always run on a treadmill: watching the same view outside as I feel like I’m supposed to be moving forward. After doing the 5K this pas weekend, I think I really enjoy running outside.

I think this entire summer has reminded me that I like being active (GSL – I finally get why you did a 1/2 marathon!). There’s something really rewarding about waking up and feeling sore from dancing like crazy at Zumba, running outside, doing yoga, playing tennis (which I’ll hopefully get to do this week), or just going to the gym the day before. I remember when I used to be really active a few years ago and how happy that made me (I was also skinnier – this was pre-grad school, of course). Now that I think about it, this summer has made me feel more like “me” than any other summer. Over the past 2 years I feel like I’ve put myself on hold – for multiple reasons that snowballed together. I’ve forgotten the things that I really love and the things that make me the happiest. Well, I’ve taken the bull by the horns again and I’m back, Nerds! I’ve surrounded myself with great people, I’ve decided to take on the world and not let it decide my fate for me, and I’ve been truly, genuinely, and unwaveringly happy.

Just One More Vacation Day, Please… / Tayls and John Get Married!

9 Jul

Oh boy. First full week of work after a bitchin’ vacation. My wagon is draggin’ (feel free to steal that phrase), but I have a *lot* to catch up on.

Let’s start with the wedding of the summer – Tayls and John got married!! They are just the sweetest people and they are going to have a very wonderful and musical life together. 🙂

I shamelessly stole this from @cdomm ‘s Instagram page 🙂

What a lovely wedding! – in a beautiful church by a lake in Upstate NY and the weather was just perfect. The reception was also quite lovely – it was in a lodge with great food and even better people.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find photos of the wedding by searching #pipesweddingstravaganza.

I loved getting to see all of the Pipes and getting to sing with everyone again! Holy nostalgia, Batman! It reminded me of being with everyone when I first joined my a cappella group. It’s where I got the name Beezy from. 🙂

The next leg of my journey was the trip to Philly. That one is a bit more detailed, so I’ll save that for a different post.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

8 Jul

This was pretty much my mantra during my week-long vacation-extravaganza. I had more fun and did more things than I thought I could handle.

I watched two friends start their lives together.

Congrats, you crazy kids!

I said goodbye to both the amazing and terrible times I’ve had in my Philadelphia apartment.

I saw the Rocky Statue, the Liberty Bell, the Art Museum, Betsy Ross’s house.

I drove a multi-ton death torpedo (or a rental truck, depending on how you look at it) with all of my earthly belongings strategically placed inside.

I collected a ton of bruises from cramming said earthly belongings into the multi-ton death torpedo.

I saw more shapes and colors of glass than I knew existed.

I drank lemonade and watched fireworks with someone fantastic.

Thanks for the .gif, Mashable 🙂

I got a sunburn from not paying attention to the time I was outside talking with my sister on the phone.

I made iced tea from scratch.

I watched some great movies.

Most importantly, I laughed. I laughed until my face hurt. I laughed until I thought my sides were going to tear apart from the sheer joy I felt.

I’ll probably post more detail about my Summer Shutdown adventures later, but for now, I’m going to revel in the last few hours I have until vacation is officially over…

I Just Want ONE More Weekend Day

25 Jun

Who doesn’t, really? I seriously envy those who wake up on Monday morning and rejoice.

More Saturdays!!! (via

I had a pretty bitchin’ weekend. Friday, I got to hang out with some friends who play volleyball and they didn’t ask me to show off my incredibly lacking skills. I’m pretty good at a basic serve, but useless at the net. It seems as though my depth perception disappears the closer I get to the net. I start diving for shots that are legitimately 2 feet in front of me. I look like I should be on a sitcom. I look like the kid you would pick last in gym class.

Saturday, I went to see Moonrise Kingdom – that movie was fantastic. Although I love the typical “box office smash of the summer” movies, I think I need to be more proactive in my search for great movies. Moonrise Kingdom originally premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and the only talk show I’ve seen a cast member on to promote the movie was Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Granted, it’s only in select theaters. But, we found a select theater. 🙂

After the movie, we walked around OSU. Holy hell, that stadium is enormous – it holds 105,000 people. I saw more books than I could ever attempt to read in my lifetime – six stories of books. It was overwhelmingly amazing. I’m pretty certain that if I didn’t have a guide, I would have gotten lost.  OSU has a beautiful campus, which includes a lovely fountain and enough plant life to make it a freakin’ forest.

Lazy Sunday was just as awesome in a relaxing way. Laying by and swimming in the pool to a Jack Johnson Pandora playlist? Yes, please. Sometimes, the pool has loud, obnoxious, frat boy rap pumping through the speakers while cute, blonde toddlers frolic in the shallow end – I’m convinced toddlers don’t like rap. Sunday, however was refreshingly different. It’s like they figured out that “chilling by the pool” deserves “chill” music.

The only part of my weekend that was “no bueno” was the very attractive (ugh) sunburn that I am rockin’ on the front of my person. It burns like the fire of 1,000 suns. You better believe I put on more aloe than is doctor recommended. The sad thing is, I put on sunscreen before I even went out into the sun. 2 coats! The perils of being pale – well, not anymore, I guess. Hopefully as the burning subsides, it will turn into a tan that will let people know that I’m not albino.

Do you know why next weekend and the weekend after that could be even more amazing? SUMMER SHUTDOWN, FOOLS! We get the entire week off of work! Mine will be filled with road tripping, cleaning out my apartment, exploring Philly one last time, enjoying some fireworks, going to the Corning Glass Museum and some “ill tea parties.” Pictures will absolutely follow. 🙂