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If I’m Going Green, I Might As Well Be Nerdy While I’m Doing It

19 Jun

My new coffee cozy / best friend at work. 🙂


‘Tis the Season for Deliciousness

17 Nov

I tried Bigelow Tea’s “Eggnogg’n” because I’m getting in the Christmas spirit!

Mixed emotions.

The smell is incredible: it really does smell like eggnog! Taste is a different story. The first time I had it black and strong. Not impressed with the mouthfeel. I think because tea doesn’t have the consistency of eggnog, my mouth felt betrayed. When I put some milk in, it was a bit more realistic that I was drinking a relative of the eggnog family.

Overall, it’s great to sip if you’re looking for something warm and seasonal. Maybe I should invite Captain Morgan or Maker’s Mark over for another tasting.