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Monday Music Moment: “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine

8 Oct


I woke up with this song in my head again. When I got to the grad office, I decided to play it while I got some work done (another busy week ahead!). I noticed that the video had 2 other things I had been thinking about: leaves and Christmas lights.

For starters, it feels like it’s -83 degrees here. Ok, a gross over exaggeration – it was really 43 when I left for UB this morning. Still, pretty cold in comparison to what Buffalo was like a few weeks ago. I’ve mentioned it before, but I *love* Fall. There’s just something about the changing leaves, the smell, the flavors (pumpkin *everything*), the crispness in the air that gives you a gentle nudge. The beginning of Fall is the best. Towards the end of Fall, it gets a bit dreary. Days get shorter and I get to break out my sunlight lamp. But you know what comes next? SNOW!!! I’m so excited to be back in a city that (I assume) knows how to properly navigate a road in the snow. I took my driver’s test in the beginning of a small snow storm when I was 16, so I have a decent handle on how to get around in the wintertime. Also, my super awesome winter boots are just itching to see the light of day again.

Which leads me to Christmas lights. I’m so excited to be able to see all of my family at the same time during winter break. Granted, I’ll be working over the break, but not at 150% like I have been. I get to run a 5K in December and see Jake – we haven’t been in even the same state at the same time for almost a year and a half (500 days to be exact)!


Happy Monday, Columbus Day, and Canadian Thanksgiving friends!


The most tricked-out house in all of Pennsylvania!

17 Dec


Mama Gina’s House!

It’s Christmas Time in the office

15 Dec


Starting to wrap Christmas presents!

11 Dec