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Things I’ll Do While My Roommate Is Gone

16 Jul

My roommate is on a business trip for the entire week, until Saturday. She’s pretty much the coolest roommate I could ask for, so when she’s home, we end up doing a lot of things together. Here is a short list of things I’ll do while she’s gone: 

  1. Make her a list of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – she (drunkenly) proclaimed that Leonardo DiCaprio was a Ninja Turtle. I didn’t have the heart to correct her.
  2. Do P90X in the living room.
  3. Blast music and dance around like a complete fool.
  4. Wear my best socks, find a men’s dress shirt, and reenact the scene from Risky Business. Multiple times.
  5. Bake. A lot. (I normally do this while she’s home, but I’m going to increase my rate of production so she has some delicious treats when she gets back.)
  6. Color an entire coloring book about pirates. Yes, pirates.
  7. Record my audition tape for The Voice.
  8. Have a movie/tv show/cool things on Netflix marathon.
  9.  Bake more.
  10. Jump on the furniture like I’m 7 years old and the floor is lava.

Any other suggestions? 🙂



How I Spent My Summer Vacation

8 Jul

This was pretty much my mantra during my week-long vacation-extravaganza. I had more fun and did more things than I thought I could handle.

I watched two friends start their lives together.

Congrats, you crazy kids!

I said goodbye to both the amazing and terrible times I’ve had in my Philadelphia apartment.

I saw the Rocky Statue, the Liberty Bell, the Art Museum, Betsy Ross’s house.

I drove a multi-ton death torpedo (or a rental truck, depending on how you look at it) with all of my earthly belongings strategically placed inside.

I collected a ton of bruises from cramming said earthly belongings into the multi-ton death torpedo.

I saw more shapes and colors of glass than I knew existed.

I drank lemonade and watched fireworks with someone fantastic.

Thanks for the .gif, Mashable 🙂

I got a sunburn from not paying attention to the time I was outside talking with my sister on the phone.

I made iced tea from scratch.

I watched some great movies.

Most importantly, I laughed. I laughed until my face hurt. I laughed until I thought my sides were going to tear apart from the sheer joy I felt.

I’ll probably post more detail about my Summer Shutdown adventures later, but for now, I’m going to revel in the last few hours I have until vacation is officially over…

10 Things I Learned This Past Weekend

5 Jun

1. Ohio is the only state to have a flag shape other than a rectangle.

2. Art festivals are awesome – even if you look and don’t buy anything.

3. They’re even more awesome when you go with a new friend.

4. One restaurant in Columbus has the best cream puffs I’ve ever eaten.

5. OSU is on quarters instead of semesters, so they’re still in school – no wonder the campus seemed busier than I expected.

6. Coffee is kinda gross when reheated.

7. My roommate is probably the coolest person they could have paired me up with.

8. There is more than one aisle of wine in my nearest grocery store.

9. Even the Target sells wine!

10. I forgot my wine bottle opener at home in NY and am forced to buy the “super cool” ::sarcasm:: twist off cap wine bottles if I don’t want to buy another opener. Keepin’ it classy.