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First Post from My New iPad

19 Mar

His name is Neil iPadrick Harris ::commence laughter::
I absolutely love this thing.

The screen is so clear and the pictures that it takes are so vivid:


I’m in lurv 🙂


The One Place Where Technology Has Failed Me

14 Mar

I was asked to grade an assignment for a class of 20 students. I have the rubric, so it was really a piece of cake. I set up the office iPad to take notes and viewed the students submitted assignments on my laptop – that way I wouldn’t have to go back and forth between windows. I saved my notes as an email draft in GMail and it automatically saved my changes on both computers. Or so I thought.


I had exited the GMail screen on the iPad and it reverted to what it had saved on the laptop. I lost 6 student feedback responses and about an hour of my time.

I feel like if it was my iPad (which is coming in 2 days!!!!) I would have downloaded a notes app that would hold the info that I could email to myself after, instead of having this crazy synching mess.

Sad panda.

I Love Getting Mail :)

12 Mar

I really do. But I’m getting really anxious when I keep getting things in the mail for my iPad before it gets here on Friday. 😦

But my new sleeve is super sweet:

New iPad Sleeve!

Did I Just Do That?

8 Mar

Yes…yes I did.


I bought the brand-new iPad. I’ve wanted one since it first came out in 2010, and now that I’ve been accepted to at least one PhD program, I’ve told myself that I deserve it. I bought some really nice accoutrements to go along with it too (e.g. cover, dock, case).

It’s scheduled to arrive on the 16th – I CAN’T WAIT!

Let the countdown begin…