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Traffic, Traffic – Looking for My Chapstick

20 Jun

One of the things that baffles me about the Midwest is the traffic. I don’t know what wizard designed the infrastructure here, but Bravo. I live 40 minutes from my job. 40 minutes of pure rockin’-out-in-my-car, going-15-over-the-speed-limit, passin’-chumps-on-the-left, driving. None of this stop-and-go shenanigans like in Philly.

Well done, sir.

I always listen to the radio in my car. When I lived in Philly, the traffic report was so long, that the announcer had to really rattle through all of the chaos and Armageddon that had occurred before I even got into my car. “7 people died on the Ben Franklin Bridge. 476 is backed up for 8 miles. If you’re on the Conshohocken Curve, I hope you brought your lunch because you’re not moving for shit!” In Ohio, I think the most I’ve heard from the morning traffic report is, “Well, it looks like the traffic on 270 is going to put an extra 4-5 minutes on your commute this morning. This is Chipper McChipperson with the WNCI morning traffic.”

The pace of life is so much slower here. I know, because I am the only one doing 80 on a rural state highway. My aggressive (yet, very lovely) NYS plates zoom past the other people on the road, who vigilantly obey the traffic laws.

One pick-up truck got a sweet view as I merged onto 33W this morning. “Pumped Up Kicks” came on the alt rock station here and of course, I had to start dancing.  I didn’t even realize how I looked until I saw the guy shoot me an incredulous look: “Girl, what are you doin’?” I toned it down until I passed him and then I resumed rocking.


I’m a Recovering Boy Band Addict

14 Jun

Ok, I’ll admit it. Whenever that One Direction song comes on the radio, you better believe I am rockin’ out in my car. Not just bopping along with the song, mind you. No. Full on singing and dancing – I might get pulled over one of these days…

But why? I’d like to think that I’m a twentysomething with much better music taste than I had when I was a teeny bopper. (For reference: don’t put Justin Beiber within punching distance from me if you don’t want him to look like a Picasso painting.) I used to listen to *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys ALL THE TIME. As I realized that music was much more versatile and that many more genres exist, I expanded my music library. My dad introduced me to The Beatles, The Who, Van Morrison, The Stones – the original classics. My mom introduced me to Madonna, Debbie Gibson, The Bangles, Pat Benetar – The 80’s Ladies. My older step-brothers introduced me to Green Day, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam – 90’s rock. My college friends introduced me to The Shins, Arcade Fire, Florence & the Machine, The White Stripes – more current rock greats. My sorority sisters introduced me to Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Childish Gambino – hip-hop and rap all stars.

The world introduced me to Adele, and I knew I was in love. The quality and sheer truth she displays in her voice and lyrics make me want to start an Adele church. It was either Chris Cornell or Stone Gossard who said about Eddie Vedder after hearing his demo tape, “There’s a person in there.” – I feel the same about Adele.

Preach, sister!

I’ve realized that so much music exists that I haven’t even begun to explore. I love 90’s rock more than can be explained in one post and I know there are plenty of 1-hit wonders whose music has yet to cross my path, but I know I’ll get there.

So, why on God’s green earth do I keep enjoying One Direction? There’s just something about their song(s) that just puts me into a trance. Maybe it’s because it’s the first type of music I really remembered enjoying? Maybe it’s because it reminds me of being young and stupid in undergrad? Maybe it’s because record companies have figured out how to inject heroin via the radio? The jury’s still out. All I know is that this summer, I have completely relapsed and will be visiting music rehab once more.