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Human Juice Box / Tattoosday

24 Jul

Even Michael Scott donates

Yep – I donated blood today. This will mark the 3rd state in which I’ve donated a pint of my AB+ goodness (or BZ+, depending on your sense of humor 🙂 ). It sucks that the Red Cross donations don’t coordinate with each other across states, or else I would be even closer to my “1 gallon” achievement.

Even though I’ve done this so many times before, I always have some butterflies in my stomach right before I go in. However, the feeling after is kind of awesome. You get to eat cookies, know that you’ve helped someone, and the whole experience is a mini-endorphin rush.

One of the rules for donation eligibility is no piercings or tattoos in the last 12 months. I made sure I donated today because I’m considering getting a second tattoo. I haven’t had any sort of body modification since the spring of 2010, so I think I’m due for an update. I have the idea picked out and all I need to do is find a great artist in CBus. I’ve been doing some searching and reddit has given me some great suggestions.

I went with Tray for one of her first back tattoos, on a Tuesday (hence the pun). An ivy vine with the letters, “aoe”. After that, she was hooked. Her tattoos are just the coolest (She has an owl!! You know how much I love owls…). I took Blian to get his done – he has a *sweet* ambigram-style tattoo on his leg. The meaning of his tattoo is really powerful – “naught without labor.” Boss.

I’ll make another post about what I’m getting as soon as I solidify the location and make an appointment. Stay tuned – more to come 🙂


Owl Measuring Cups! [photo]

23 Feb


My goal of having at least one owl item in each room of my apartment has now been accomplished.


Barnes and Noble Loves Owls Too [photo]

14 Feb


Walking in an Owl Wonderland

23 Dec