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Of Mondays and Passive-Aggressive Emails

12 Dec

Have you ever gotten a message from someone that you weren’t expecting? Maybe a passive-aggressive message while you were at work that made your heart skip a beat from being blind-sided? Welcome to my Monday – and Mondays are “blah” to begin with…ugh.

I automatically assume that everyone who has reached my age will be as appropriate and professional as I would like to be. However, sometimes I need to remind myself that not everyone has reached that point in their lives and I must respond as the person I want to be (read: not a child). It’s so frustrating to get such a jolting email in the middle of my work day while I have 83,248 other things to do.  I sent a very respectful and well-thought-out response, so there’s nothing else I can do at this point. Good thing I have a counseling center appointment tomorrow.

To make my day better though, I found the above Natalie Dee comic. All of her stuff is so funny. Check it out 🙂

Have you ever had anyone send you a passive-aggressive message that you weren’t expecting?