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A History of My Former Roommates

3 Aug

What my apartment will be like when I grow up. (via xkcd.com)


While in Philly for the last 2 years, all I lived all by my big-girl self: paying my own bills, cleaning my own stuff, walking around in my underwear when I felt like it, taking care of all business that needed to be taken care of, etc. Although it’s solitary, it’s nice to be in charge of your own sh*t. You don’t have to worry about offending anyone, nor being offended.

My very first roommate’s name was Trish. She was skinny, from PA, and had an older sister who went our undergrad. We really hit it off at first. We did everything together: ate lunch and dinner, went to parties, lamented about homework, went sledding on a twin mattress down a giant hill near our dorm. It was a great first roommate experience, until she got a boyfriend and I joined a sorority. We were pretty much night and day then. She was always off with him and I was off with my sisters. I once spent an entire week living in my sorority’s living room just so I didn’t have to hear my roommate complain about sororities were only good for boys, booze, and housing (a claim that I, to this day, strongly abhor). Because we were both fairly non-confrontational people, we lived in “harmony” until we moved out. We haven’t really talked since.

My sophomore year, I joined ResLife and didn’t have a roommate – I had a single all to myself! The people on my floor were great, so I didn’t feel alone, yet I still had that sweet, sweet feeling of autonomy. Priceless. The next summer, I moved into on-campus summer housing (and had the best summer of my undergraduate career!). In order to save some money, I shared a room with one of my sorority sisters.

Story time.

Liz and I lived together summer of 2008. It was great. She is just the sweetest and we were in the same new member (or “pledge”, for you old-schoolers) class the year before. We were living in a fraternity where there were 2 lofts per room. I had a full-size bed that I was toting around and so I set that up under my loft. Liz could lean over her loft rail and look down and we could chat. There was one night where there were a few parties going on so she and I decided to hop around. We started at the same place and then I went to my then-boyfriend’s apartment where another party was getting started. I didn’t end up getting back to my room until maybe 5am (because I was young and crazy out of my GD mind). When I unlocked the door, I saw Liz was asleep in my bed – having replaced the pants she was wearing with a towel. I was still, um, feeling the effects of my partying the night before, so I figured I would just fall asleep in her bed. I was almost asleep when I heard her wake up and realize she was in my bed. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” It wasn’t a big deal at all. We decided to switch beds and try to get some sleep. Liz was quick to crawl up into her bed and I attempted to put some pajamas on. When I got into bed, I noticed she left the towel. Not a big deal – it can go on the floor. I realized that the towel was there because my bed was wet. Uh oh.

“Liz,” I said. She didn’t respond.

“Liz!,” I said louder. “Did you pee in my bed?”

“Oh my gosh no!! I came back and took a shower – with all of my clothes on. I was really drunk. I didn’t want to wear wet pants, so I took them off and wrapped a towel around me. I came back to the room and guess I didn’t feel like crawling up into my loft and just passed out on your bed. I’m so sorry!!!”

Best. Story. Ever.

My junior year, I lived in a single suite – my room was joined with another single with another girl. Her name was Hannah and she was so cool. Tall, athletic, super nice – a really great suite-mate. We decided to move in together in an off campus apartment with 2 other people we knew: Chris and Althea. Hannah got a boyfriend (why do I keep having this problem?) and turned around on me. He was a Marine and thought he was soOoOo cool, which in turn gave Hannah some sort of complex. She decided she wanted to have loud sex while we were all in the apartment and also didn’t want to pay cable. I took her to court and I won. Boom.

Althea was a kick-ass roommate. We were in the same a cappella group and loved singing like fools. We drove down to NYC on a whim for 4th of July after I went through a breakup that totally blindsided me. We chased shots with popsicles. We washed a sink full of dishes (we weren’t really into “cleaning” as college students) while we were just absolutely hammered (I found out that is the most interesting way to do the dishes). She got a boyfriend and was totally normal to me – thank goodness, they do exist!

This summer, my roommate is Sheena – a hip, sweet lady from Cali who has embraced the rule that Althea and I created in our last apartment: pants are optional. I don’t think I could have been randomly paired with a better person. I’m really going to miss her when I leave in a few weeks…

I’ve been thinking about roommates because I’m going to have one again, after being alone for 2 years (not counting this summer). My new roommate has a dog (YES!) and used to be a lawyer. I talked to her Wednesday to figure out some logistical moving-in things. I met her when I went to take a tour of the program to make sure Buffalo is the place for me – she’s really nice and easygoing. She is 2 years into the program that I’m joining, so I’m hoping that she’ll give me some great advice – and not “pee” in my bed. 😀

Alternate idea for apartment 🙂 (via xkcd.com)


Things I’ll Do While My Roommate Is Gone

16 Jul

My roommate is on a business trip for the entire week, until Saturday. She’s pretty much the coolest roommate I could ask for, so when she’s home, we end up doing a lot of things together. Here is a short list of things I’ll do while she’s gone: 

  1. Make her a list of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – she (drunkenly) proclaimed that Leonardo DiCaprio was a Ninja Turtle. I didn’t have the heart to correct her.
  2. Do P90X in the living room.
  3. Blast music and dance around like a complete fool.
  4. Wear my best socks, find a men’s dress shirt, and reenact the scene from Risky Business. Multiple times.
  5. Bake. A lot. (I normally do this while she’s home, but I’m going to increase my rate of production so she has some delicious treats when she gets back.)
  6. Color an entire coloring book about pirates. Yes, pirates.
  7. Record my audition tape for The Voice.
  8. Have a movie/tv show/cool things on Netflix marathon.
  9.  Bake more.
  10. Jump on the furniture like I’m 7 years old and the floor is lava.

Any other suggestions? 🙂