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No Internet = Broken Promises

28 Apr

So remember how I said I would be live blogging my sessions?

Yeah… This very lovely and conference-equipped hotel has the worst Internet situation in the session rooms. Ever. Thus, leading me to not follow through with my promise to give you a play-by-play of how awesome everything is here.

Description and pictures of sunny San Diego to follow 🙂


This is what I hope my flight is like tomorrow morning…

25 Apr

I'm Liz Lemon in this scenario 🙂


…but I doubt Oprah flies coach. A girl can dream, right?

Live Tweeting / Live Blogging SIOP!

23 Apr

Greetings to all my peeps!

Live Long and Peepsper

Sorry for my lack of posting lately, but my life has gotten suuuper “cray”, as the young people say.

Howeva, I am stoked to say that I will be going to sunny San Diego this week for SIOP!!

(Insert copious amounts of Anchorman jokes here)

I haven’t decided whether I’ll be live blogging or live tweeting, but I’ll definitely be live something-ing with my iPad in hand.

I’ll “see” you in San Diego!

It'll never get old...