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Oh, Hello There! I’m Back.

8 Aug

I’m back, ladies and gents. After many months of silence, I’m back.

Return of the…. Beez?

I am currently living in the amazing city of Omaha, Nebraska where I’ll be finishing my IO Psychology PhD journey. Here, I’ll be working on amazing psych projects with creativity and robots. That’s right – mother effin’ robots.

Close enough.

I already have too many things to talk about for one post: my adventure in a multi-ton death trap, driving 18 hours from Buffalo to my new home in Omaha, couch surfing for over a month, making new, interesting, and wholesome friends, teaching a class all by my big-girl self, meeting a really great gentleman on the Internet (I know, I know – gimme a break). The best part is that I don’t remember the last time that I was this genuinely happy. Just beaming and radiating positivity about my future. I cannot explain in words how empowered I feel by all of the opportunities that I have here. Even better, I actually feel like writing again. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would not wish my life any other way. Well, a bushel of $100 bills would be nice.

I was born in the wrong state. I love Nebraska. It’s my new home.

More like, “The GREAT Life”


Carpool: Make Sure Your Windows Open Underwater?

11 Jul

Tomorrow I’ll be carpooling to work. For the first time in my job history.

I’ve always rocked out in my car in the morning. It’s nice to be alone with the ability to scream song lyrics without a passenger covering their ears. Earmuffs! However, it gets lonely. For my introverted friends, you probably think of it as being a nice time to prepare for the workday ahead of you – some alone time to recharge your soon-to-be-drained battery. For me, it’ll be nice to have some human interaction in the morning that doesn’t involve the finger I get from cutting a lady off on the highway.

I imagine our carpool being like a mini road trip with my 2 friends (Mike & Josh) who want to go in at the ass-crack of dawn.

The time doesn’t bother me so much. I should probably be getting up really early everyday – I have an incredible amount of clarity in the morning that quickly flees by the time my stomach rumbles for lunch. My behind needs to get out of bed.

Going in early also means I get to leave earlier: I could go to a yoga class, sunbathe when the sun is higher in the sky – but not too intense, read a book, answer the personal emails I’m unable to access at work. I’ve always wanted to start kickboxing and a little extra time in the afternoon / evening could be helpful. Yes! This could be beautiful!

Just One More Vacation Day, Please… / Tayls and John Get Married!

9 Jul

Oh boy. First full week of work after a bitchin’ vacation. My wagon is draggin’ (feel free to steal that phrase), but I have a *lot* to catch up on.

Let’s start with the wedding of the summer – Tayls and John got married!! They are just the sweetest people and they are going to have a very wonderful and musical life together. 🙂

I shamelessly stole this from @cdomm ‘s Instagram page 🙂

What a lovely wedding! – in a beautiful church by a lake in Upstate NY and the weather was just perfect. The reception was also quite lovely – it was in a lodge with great food and even better people.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find photos of the wedding by searching #pipesweddingstravaganza.

I loved getting to see all of the Pipes and getting to sing with everyone again! Holy nostalgia, Batman! It reminded me of being with everyone when I first joined my a cappella group. It’s where I got the name Beezy from. 🙂

The next leg of my journey was the trip to Philly. That one is a bit more detailed, so I’ll save that for a different post.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

8 Jul

This was pretty much my mantra during my week-long vacation-extravaganza. I had more fun and did more things than I thought I could handle.

I watched two friends start their lives together.

Congrats, you crazy kids!

I said goodbye to both the amazing and terrible times I’ve had in my Philadelphia apartment.

I saw the Rocky Statue, the Liberty Bell, the Art Museum, Betsy Ross’s house.

I drove a multi-ton death torpedo (or a rental truck, depending on how you look at it) with all of my earthly belongings strategically placed inside.

I collected a ton of bruises from cramming said earthly belongings into the multi-ton death torpedo.

I saw more shapes and colors of glass than I knew existed.

I drank lemonade and watched fireworks with someone fantastic.

Thanks for the .gif, Mashable 🙂

I got a sunburn from not paying attention to the time I was outside talking with my sister on the phone.

I made iced tea from scratch.

I watched some great movies.

Most importantly, I laughed. I laughed until my face hurt. I laughed until I thought my sides were going to tear apart from the sheer joy I felt.

I’ll probably post more detail about my Summer Shutdown adventures later, but for now, I’m going to revel in the last few hours I have until vacation is officially over…

I Just Want ONE More Weekend Day

25 Jun

Who doesn’t, really? I seriously envy those who wake up on Monday morning and rejoice.

More Saturdays!!! (via xkcd.com)

I had a pretty bitchin’ weekend. Friday, I got to hang out with some friends who play volleyball and they didn’t ask me to show off my incredibly lacking skills. I’m pretty good at a basic serve, but useless at the net. It seems as though my depth perception disappears the closer I get to the net. I start diving for shots that are legitimately 2 feet in front of me. I look like I should be on a sitcom. I look like the kid you would pick last in gym class.

Saturday, I went to see Moonrise Kingdom – that movie was fantastic. Although I love the typical “box office smash of the summer” movies, I think I need to be more proactive in my search for great movies. Moonrise Kingdom originally premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and the only talk show I’ve seen a cast member on to promote the movie was Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Granted, it’s only in select theaters. But, we found a select theater. 🙂

After the movie, we walked around OSU. Holy hell, that stadium is enormous – it holds 105,000 people. I saw more books than I could ever attempt to read in my lifetime – six stories of books. It was overwhelmingly amazing. I’m pretty certain that if I didn’t have a guide, I would have gotten lost.  OSU has a beautiful campus, which includes a lovely fountain and enough plant life to make it a freakin’ forest.

Lazy Sunday was just as awesome in a relaxing way. Laying by and swimming in the pool to a Jack Johnson Pandora playlist? Yes, please. Sometimes, the pool has loud, obnoxious, frat boy rap pumping through the speakers while cute, blonde toddlers frolic in the shallow end – I’m convinced toddlers don’t like rap. Sunday, however was refreshingly different. It’s like they figured out that “chilling by the pool” deserves “chill” music.

The only part of my weekend that was “no bueno” was the very attractive (ugh) sunburn that I am rockin’ on the front of my person. It burns like the fire of 1,000 suns. You better believe I put on more aloe than is doctor recommended. The sad thing is, I put on sunscreen before I even went out into the sun. 2 coats! The perils of being pale – well, not anymore, I guess. Hopefully as the burning subsides, it will turn into a tan that will let people know that I’m not albino.

Do you know why next weekend and the weekend after that could be even more amazing? SUMMER SHUTDOWN, FOOLS! We get the entire week off of work! Mine will be filled with road tripping, cleaning out my apartment, exploring Philly one last time, enjoying some fireworks, going to the Corning Glass Museum and some “ill tea parties.” Pictures will absolutely follow. 🙂

Witty Title About Traveling

6 Jun

I get to look out this amazing huge window at work and look at trees, the Ohio state flag, and… a parking lot. Which got me thinking – I love traveling. I’d take a picture, but the security here is like that of a military base and I can’t bring my camera nor camera phone into the facility. Side note: Facebook and Gmail are blocked… but not WordPress. 🙂 But I digress..

I’ve always been the person to “play it safe” until very recently in my life. I’ve never been a thrill seeker, nor been calm about a sudden detour from my path, but I think being in grad school has given me an incredible skill: the ability to adjust. Now, I thrive on adventure. Not the “Oh wow, you guys! Let’s go on that dangerous roller coaster where everyone dies at the end!” kind of adventure, but the “Holy wow, I want to know more about this place!” kind. I think my penchant for adventure stems from my love of learning.  Did I mention that I *love* traveling?

Used to be my biggest fear… Not anymore!

I used to be incredibly afraid of airplanes to the point where I would sob the night before my flight. Now, I can’t wait to plan another trip. I’m young and unattached, so I have the opportunity to go to so many places in the world. Here are some of the top places I’ve been that I have absolutely adored:

  1. San Diego, CA – Talk about perfect weather! When I went, there was little to no humidity and the temperature was in the mid-70s. Like I said: perfect.
  2. Columbus, OH – CBus is an incredible city for young people. So many cultural activities and interesting things to explore. I’m sure going to miss it when I leave in August…
  3. Omaha, NE – Yes, Nebraska. The rest of the state is flat and seemingly devoid of life, but Omaha surely isn’t. The hustle and bustle of this growing city is quite the awesome Midwestern hub. I may also know some fabulous people that live there. 🙂
  4. Albany, NY – Lame in comparison to the other cities on this list, but I will really always call this home. I spent 4 years in the Capital District area and love the fact that it is so close to other interesting travel spots (Montreal, NYC, Boston, etc.).
  5. Philadelphia, PA – Of course, this had to be on my list. I don’t think I’d ever live here again, but the cultural opportunities are endless. Music, night life, our Nation’s history, a creepy museum about medical anomalies (which was SO COOL). This place has it all.

Now for some places I would like to visit in the future:

  1. Europe – Anywhere in Europe. Think of a place. Yep – I wanna go there. My only excusions would be places that look like it could be the setting for the next SAW movie… I would love to go visit all the countries where my ancestors called home: Italy, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland. I’m part Russian too, but I’ll do that one in another trip – I’ve heard it’s pretty intense.  I would also really like to go to the UK – if only just to get a glimpse of the lovely Princess Catherine.
  2. Portland, OR – I’ve been brainwashed by the IFC show Portlandia. I just really want to see if it’s anything like they portray on the show. Also, the NW US seems pretty awesome.

I’ll eventually extend my “future travel” list. Have any suggestions? 🙂

Oh, hi Ohio!

28 May

As I mentioned before, I’m gypsying around the Northeast / Midwest this summer. My journey has officially begun.

I started in Philly, packed up my essentials, and headed home. Then, drove with my mom to my sister’s graduation (Congrats Eezy!) and back home. I got in to Dublin, Ohio last night at 2:30 am and moved into the nicest apartment I will ever live in, thanks to the bangin’ internship I have this summer. It’s nice working for a global company.

I don’t feel stuck – I actually freakin’ love it here!

My odometer when I left Philly: 73,338

My odometer when I got to the coffee shop I’m currently in because my apartment doesn’t have internet yet: 74, 895

To put it in perspective, I’ve traveled far enough in a week for 1/2 of an oil change. Thank goodness my car is in tip-top shape.

So far, I love Ohio. Everyone is so nice, I’m so close to OSU – which is currently bustling with young people my age, and it seems as though you need to be lovely to live here. I’ve not seen one unattractive person here yet. Looking out this coffee shop window is like looking at a moving catalog of happy models.

My first day of work is tomorrow – more stories of my adventures to come 🙂

My Year as a Gypsy

14 May

Not the software. Not the musical. Google’s definition: “a member of a traveling people”

Lots of travel in my future. I travel a lot as it is – visiting family, RPI, Sophie and her dad, internship interview, scoping out PhD schools, conferences etc. Traveling allows me to expand my world view and shrink my wallet (I burn a CRAPTON of fuel in my car). While being a traveling consultant would eventually wear me down, all the travel I’ve done this year has been hella awesome.


Now for more traveling:

First, I’ll be moving out of Philly back home after I graduate this weekend. Although Philly has a myriad more things to do and explore than the Southern Tier, I just love being with my mom. She’s crazy and wonderful. You would love her.

Second, I’ll be going to my sister’s graduation in Massachusetts. It’s amazing how time flies.

Third, I’ll be moving to just north of Columbus, Ohio where I’ll be an Organizational Development intern at the R&D plant at HONDA. Yes, Honda. SOOOO excited. The only thing I’m worried about is the fact that I drive a Toyota (my car has a name – it’s Olivia) – their biggest competitor. I’m going to be judged. Hard.

Fourth, back to Western NY for my friends’ wedding. They met in our a cappella group. It’s kind of adorable.

Fifth, back to Ohio to finish my internship. I’ll probably go to some concerts and I would *love* to visit Chicago for the first time.

Last, from Ohio to Buffalo, NY where I’ll be spending the next 4 years of my life being a crazy PhD student. Feel free to send cookies and letters of love. However, I don’t have a place to live yet. I guess I’ll figure that out in July? Wish me luck…

Oh, and during this time I’ll be TAing for the most awesome online class for the online version of the Master’s degree I’ve just finished. BOOM!


So that’s my life from now until August.

It seems overwhelming, but I’m not worried. In fact, I can’t believe I’m enjoying the crazy amount of things going on. But then again, I’ve always really enjoyed keeping myself busy. My favorite summer was 2008 when I worked 40 hours a week, worked with elementary/middle/high school students to teach them acting and singing, and also starred in a musical fundraiser. Some people think it may not be “time for myself” but it’s all stuff that I love doing, so I count it as such. Also, I lived with some pretty bitchin’ people that year 🙂

Blogging from 30,000 Feet…NBD

26 Apr

Hello Earthlings! I’m coming to you live from the Stratosphere where I’m currently on my way to Salt Lake City and then on to San Diego – the land of Ron Burgundy and incredibly mild weather.

Here’s what I’m currently looking at out my window:


There’s a really cool older gentleman sitting next to me who is traveling with 7 of his friends to go mountain biking in the desert. So awesome!

I’ll be in San Diego around 12pm PDT, but until then, I’ll be reading the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

How Greek Life Changed My Life. (No, Not the Country…)

12 Nov

I’m in Baltimore this weekend for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Alpha Phi and I’m having difficulty describing the incredible feeling I have for this sisterhood. As a collegian, I had a typical undergrad sorority experience: friends, fun, philanthropy, etc. As a new advisor of a chapter that is so different from mine: this is indescribable.

On one hand, I want so badly to connect with the collegians and have fun with them. I want to be accepted, one of them. On the other, it’s time for me to put on my “big girl pants” and join society as an adult and role model for these women.
I always thought that I would “grow up” by experiencing a hardship. While I’ve had my fair share of hardships, the most recent experiences I’ve had watching these women make mistakes and then triumph has been incredibly touching. It’s like watching my decisions as an undergrad from afar. I love sitting down with them and talking about grad school, life plans, and even what color the recruitment shirts should be next semester. Now that I think about it, I really appreciate the people who took the time to do that for me.

Being an advisor has opened my eyes to the benefits of mentoring and volunteering. Not only do they need my opinions and, sometimes, guidance, but I need them. Watching them has helped me come closer in deciding what kind of woman I want to become. I still haven’t grown up yet. Older, yes, but up? I can hope, right?

I’ve found that I don’t really mind what they think about me as much as when I arrived to the chapter. It’s not about me ; it’s about them and what I can do for them. I’ve found that my benefits will come regardless of whether I’m looking for something in return or not. Fun fact: the best benefits come when you’re not looking.

Moral of the story: if you’re Greek or part of another organization where you are able to volunteer your time to the growth and development of others going through similar experiences to ones you may have had, I can’t express enough how much they need you and, secretly, how much you need them, too.